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Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

You are currently looking at Spoilerpedia, our official wiki. Registered players can edit this wiki to offer each other hints and strategies.

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Main Page

Welcome to Spoilerpedia, the official Forumwarz wiki.

All registered players are encouraged to edit this wiki when appropriate. We hope that eventually this will grow to be the definitive source for Forumwarz information. If you want to edit Spoilerpedia, please read our Contribute page first. If you do vandalize the front page or any other page, you will be banned.

Where do I start?

  • Player Clbumes: Check out the individual (spoilery) pages for the Camwhore, Emo Kid, Troll, Hacker, and Permanoob for build strategies and skill lists. Or, perhaps you're the masochistic type and decided to remain a Re Re and you need some help not sucking.
  • External Utilities: Here are some useful user-created tools to enhance your play experience!

Game Mechanics

  • Interface: Take a brief tour of the main interface.
  • Abilities: Learn all about abilities, what they do and how they work.
  • Attributes: An explanation of the different attributes your character can have.
  • Flezz: The currency of Forumwarz.
  • Equipment: Items, both clbum-specific and general use, that improve your character's attributes.

Multiplayer Games

  • Forumbuildr: A collaborative tool to build forums with other users in Forumwarz.
    • Related: a list of all Forums available for pwning.
  • INCIT: Build motivational posters and vote on them!
  • Leaderboards: See how your character matches up to other players.
  • Kyoubai!: The auction house of Forumwarz.


  • Flamebate: Flamebate is the official Forumwarz forums. Read the rules before posting.
  • The Stall: Other players can write on your Stall.
  • Brownie Points: Purchasable with real world currency, Brownie points dramatically extend your play experience.

Episode Two

  • For all the info about episode two, just visit the Episode 2 page.

Avoiding Getting Banned

Quick Help

  • Knowledge base: Aside from this Wiki and whatever you might generally find in Flamebate we have a Knowledge base with all the most frequently asked questions (and many not-so-frequently asked ones).

Forumwarz Update Information

Want to stay in the loop on site updates? The best way is to check Flamebate and our Blog! The Blog pulls in Twitter and Facebook pulls in the Blog, but here are all the links you'll need anyway:

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