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Forumwarz Domination

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Forumwarz Domination is a weekly gaming challenge built on top of Forumwarz. You can compete against other players in a variety of ways for medals. "Domination weeks" start at 9:30PM server (Eastern) time on Wednesdays, and end at 9:00PM the next Wednesday.

Throughout the week, you will be rewarded with scoops for completing various tasks.

After you earn your first scoop each week, you will automatically be thrown into a bracket with other Forumwarz players who have a similar number of medals..

You can visit the Domination page (found under the Multiplayer tab) at any time to see your standings.

Scoops are awarded in different Flavas, where each Flava represents a different type of task. They are named after ice cream flavors, for no good discernible reason.


Vanilla scoops are awarded for holding multiple forums at the same time. Once you pwn a forum, you hold it until it is pwned by the next player. Once you hold four forums, you are awarded four vanilla scoops.


Pistachio scoops are awarded for extending your "streak" of pwning different forums consecutively. If you pwn four different forums, you receive one pistachio. Eight different will get you two more, and onward, up until 56. At sixty consecutive forums the pistachio award resets to one.


Lemon scoops are awarded for receiving large numbers of fans. The number of fans needed differs by forum and clbum, and up to three lemon scoops can be earned per forum visit.


Chocolate scoops are awarded through success at Forumbuildr, Itembuildr and Incit. Five upvotes for an entry or an Incit win will earn one chocolate scoop.


Antifreeze scoops are awarded for winning bets of at least 10,000 flezz with Gamble-Bot 3000. For each two bets won you received one scoop. You also can receive eight scoops for committing suicide three times.


There are three different weekly goals in a Domination match. The player or players who win each category receive a medal.

  • Total Scoops: You will win a medal if you have the most scoops out of any player in your bracket, regardless of their Flava. It's pretty self-explanatory.
  • Fave Flava: You will win a medal if you have the most scoops of any single Flava out of all the players on your scoreboard. The Flava itself doesn't matter, only the amount.
  • Highest Minimum Scoops: You will win a medal by having the highest minimum scoops of all Flavas. Your minimum scoop is defined as the fewest scoops you have in any particular Flava. You can earn scoops of each flava or use Domination Cards to convert scoops. If you had 1 scoop of each Flava, your Min. Scoops would be 1. If you had 5 of each Flava except chocolate, and then had 2 in chocolate, your Min. Scoops would be 2.

On the scoreboard, you can see who is in the lead for any particular medal as their cells will be highlighted in yellow.

If you are in one of the top three brackets and there is a tie, neither of the tied players will receive medals.

If you are in any other bracket and there is a 2 to 3-way tie, both players will receive a medal.

If you are in any other bracket and there is more than a 3-way tie, none of the tied players will receive medals.

Domination Cards

See full article: Domination Cards

You can purchase a Domination Card in exchange for 4 scoops of any Flava. Domination cards can quickly change the balance of a weekly round of Forumwarz Domination, so you should familiarize yourself with their effects.

For example, playing The Switcheroo allows you to swap all of your scoops in any two Flavas.

Other cards are designed to screw over other players. An example is The Thief, which allows you to steal a scoop from any opponent on your scoreboard or the bumhole which destroys 10 scoops from the player with the most scoops in your bracket..


See full article: The Stall

Domination also has a Stall which can be written on by anyone competing in the Domination match, like the Stall on a player's page. Unlike the Stall on a player's page, these posts can be anonymous. The Domination Stall is reset each week and posts are not saved.


If you have more than 5 alts , you will be allowed to play dom with a maximum of five. You can choose which characters to enable from the character selection screen. The same Enabled characters will carry over every week. If a character is not Domination Enabled they will not be able to earn scoops or push forums.

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