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Domination Tips Getting Started

Domination can seem overwhelming at first, especially early in the season when new and experienced players are all placed into brackets together. Here are a few tips to help you achieve victory over your opponents and earn some shiny trophies along the way.

Forumwarz Domination: You Pwned 4 Forums in a row! You've earned a Pistachio scoop!

So there you were pwning forums one day and suddenly you earned a scoop. This is how most of us gained entry into the fun pvp based end game. If you haven't already, take a minute to go through the official Domination tutorial and then check out the ForumWarz Domination Wiki page.

How does a new player get out of those 70+ players pods?

By winning a medal. It can seem impossible with such a large number of opponents, but before you get frustrated remember that a good number of those players are stumbling along blindly with no strategy. Those accidental pistachio scoops aren't going to take home a medal. What will take home a medal is speeding through forums.

Speeding forums?

Just what it implies - go fast. If you check this link you'll see that there are three different levels of speed for Denture Chat. Good: finish pwning in less than 30 seconds and earn 1 lemon scoop. Great: less than 20 seconds for 2 lemon scoops. Incredible: less than 15 seconds for 3 lemon scoops. This means in 4 forums visits to Denture Chat you could earn up to 12 lemon scoops. Every forum, except the newest Forumbuildr forums, have that little note at the top of their leader board showing how quickly you need to beat the forum in order to earn scoops.

So the key to this is speed. Denture Chat is pretty easy to get multiple lemon scoops from, but who wants to pwn Denture Chat over and over? So you need to be able to speed through other forums as well. This means playing as efficiently as possible. The best thing you can do to bump up your speed is to use the Keyboard Shortcuts hot keys feature. Before entering battle be sure to set up your tool bar by clicking on the little blue bumon at the end of it.

Log in to see images! There could be several reasons. Connection speed or computer processor speed are something there isn't much control over. Shutting down any background programs might help a bit, but until you upgrade you will have to make due with cycling through the easier forums. Site lag can be another culprit, peak time is around rollover - try to avoid using visits at that time! The other reason for lack of speed is that when you chose your character upgrades your focus was a more balanced character or a character interested in maximizing flezz. Go visit Haxlrose on your sTalk contact list and get a respec! A good rule of thumb when choosing upgrades is to maximize offense. The harder you hit, the more quickly a forum will be pwned. Here are some basic speed builds for each clbum: Camwhore Speed Build, Troll Speed Build, Emo Speed Build, and Re re Speed Build.

Anything else I should be doing?

Gamble! Every time you win two 10,000 flezz bets (not necessarily in a row) you will earn an Antifreeze scoop - up to ten scoops per day. Blackjack is the way to go and there is a nice strategy table in the Wiki to help you with your betting.

Domination cards?

Domination cards are a more advanced strategy option, but feel free! Each card costs 4 scoops. In the no medal/low medal brackets when trying to secure your lead or win the minimum scoops category it is a good idea to pick up Modest Improvement and The Shield cards.

I did everything perfectly and some horrible person destroyed my scoops and I didn't get my medal!

It happens. Keep in mind there is always next week and really planning things out only gives you an advantage - there is no guarantee! If you do discover that you've been horribly attacked and have no chance of winning a medal, why not have some fun? Turn in your scoops for cards and throw it back at those no good troublemakers! Beware: scoop destruction can be addictive!

A reminder from the man in charge.

When asked if there was something he really wished new Domination players were aware of, BINGEBOT 2015 replied, "The only thing that I can’t stress enough is to watch Flamebate for periodic updates or discussion."

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