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Domination Cards

Any player in a round of Forumwarz Domination can elect to trade in 4 Scoops of any combination of flavas in exchange for a domination card.

The player will be presented with three randomly drawn cards, and they can pick the one that most suits their needs at the current time. Some cards are useful for increasing your scoops or moving them around, others are designed to take away the scoops from other players.

You can see how many cards each player has on the scoreboard.

Cards must be used during the same Domination Round in which they are purchased, or they are lost.

Note: Hitting the back-bumon of your browser after you're shown 3 cards to choose from will cause you to lose the 4 scoops you paid and give you no Domination Card. For example, you want a shield-card, but three different cards are shown, those are your options - going "back" will give you nothing. Take what you can get!

Note: The Shield card only protects against a single attack card. It does not prevent Peeping Toms from seeing your hand, nor does it interfere with your own Modest Improvements. Once an attack card is successfully defended by a Shield card, a new Shield card must be activated to protect against new attacks. There is an option in your Domination Cards Display called Your Active Cards. This shows you which cards are currently active. As of now, only Shield cards will appear here. There is also a link next to your Purchase a Domination Card link called My Domination Card Settings. Here you can choose to have your Shield cards automatically re-equip as they are used up. This allows you to have a reserve of Shields to automatically protect your scoops.

Currently Available Cards

Card Name Description
The bumholeIf you play this card, you will destroy 10 random scoops from the player with the most scoops in your bracket.
The DestroyerBy playing this card you can remove a single scoop of the flava of your choice from any player in your bracket.
The Modest ImprovementWhen you play this card, you can give yourself two free scoops in any of your flavas. These two free scoops can be the same flava or two different flavas.
The Peeping TomBy playing this card you can look at all of the cards in the hand of the player of your choice.
The ShieldWhen played, this card will protect you from Domination cards played against you.
The ShotgunBy playing this card, you will remove two random scoops from the player of your choice in your bracket. You have no choice over what flavas they will be.
The Stray BulletThis card discards a random Domination card from the opponent of your choice.
The SwitcherooBy playing this card, you can swap all of the scoops in two of your flavas.
The ThiefPlaying this card allows you to steal a single scoop of your choice of flava from anyone in your bracket.

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