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Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a few keyboard shortcuts you can use when pwning forums to speed things up.

First off, in a battle you can use 1-9 and 0 on your keyboard to use the abilities on your toolbar you've linked to the numbers displayed above them. (If you subscribe to Forumwarz Orange, additional abilities on the expanded toolbar use the top row of letter keys, beginning with Q).

The ~ key opens up your inventory.

At all other times, pressing 1-9 will take you to the thread of that number and Enter or Return will take you to the list of threads remaining. For example, to simply start the next thread you would hit 1. Once you've pwned all threads, quickly hit Enter or Return to leave the forum. If the number pressed is greater than the number of remaining threads, nothing will happen.

An efficient use of all of these keyboard shortcuts could mbumively reduce the time you spend pwning a forum, resulting in more Lemon Scoops before the system was changed to Fans.

Note: If you disable images to speed up the game, you must play with the numbers, since the images would no longer be clickable.

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