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Fans are the new way to earn Lemon Scoops starting Domination Season 5. Depending on the number of turns/damage taken to pwn the forums etc., one will be awarded some fans and will get Lemon Scoops depending on the number of fans he has.

The fan gaining formula is:-

Fans gained = (Pwnage Dealt - Damage Taken) / No. of turns

So, Fans gained varies directly as the average Pwnage dealt per turn.

With the start of Domination Season 6, the maximum number of fans that can be gained per forum was raised from 10,000 to 25,000.

Quote Unquote, teh Blog

Gaining Fans:

At the end of every battle right now, you are told that people noticed what you did and it affected your cred, but then these so called fans of yours never appeared.

In the upcoming update, you will gain a certain amount of fans based on how well you pwned the forum. The fan mechanic will replace the speed run mechanic currently in place. Instead of being based on time (something which is annoying if you play on a slow connection), fans are based on how many turns you took to beat a forum, and how how much damage you dealt and took while doing it.

Fans are also somewhat finicky, you'll lose a certain amount of them over time even if you're doing well. But you can lose fewer by pwning forums with more diversity. Of course, there will be a leaderboard to keep track of who has the most fans at any given time.

The leaderboards for fans are also split up by clbum. Previously, some less offensive clbumes had a difficult time competing seriously for lemon scoops. Now you're judged against your clbum, not the entire game.


Additionally, if you have used brownie points on a character for a cheat item like the GameDolphin, you will not gain any fans during pwnage of a thread, and all fan-gaining missions will fail.

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