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Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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Internet Delay Chat

Internet Delay Chat is Forumwarz's AJAX-Based Chat room. It was launched as a test on March 24th, 2008. It's a lot like the obvious model, IRC, but unique in the way that it supports Easy BBCode.

IDC is a popular hangout spot for the Forumwarz Real-Life Camwhores.

IDC was named by Irascible.

Formatting in IDC

The following BBCode works for formatting:

  • [b]bold[/b]
  • [i]italic[/i]
  • [u]underlined[/u]
  • [s]crossed out[/s]
  • [spoiler]spoiler texts[/spoiler]

URLs and Images can also be embedded:

Finally, IDC supports the word types from Forumbuildr. It will automatically replace any of them that you write with random words.

Example: You're a loser! @zing.

Breaking IDC

IDC was launched as a test, and had many glitches that had to be addressed. It became somewhat of a game for people to try and "break" IDC by embedding shock images or flooding the channels. Most of the major issues were addressed within the first week and the code has remained fairly solid since.

Team Shortbus received the "We Broke IDC!" E-Peen for breaking IDC:

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