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The Wordfilter serves several purposes in Internet Delay Chat. One of them is to replace racial slurs with euphemisms, another to abbreviate some often used terms. The following is an alphabetical list of current filters and clbumic, expired filters: you may want to shield your children's eyes from all the obscenities.

As of April 06, 2009 a user can buy a word filter on IDC for 10 weeks at the cost of 40 Log in to see images! Code Replaced With
duca male reproductive organ male reproductive organ male reproductive organ pcp bacon

"Clbumic" Filters

Code Replaced With
aldo €uromod
bb2 BINGEBOT 2015
bop BirdOfPrey
fine upstanding member of society noodle lover
great times male ejaculate
woman's genitals woman's genitals
cyber chocobo rodeo
elana ELENA YOU bum
elena elenaratelimit
et Evil Trout
fabulous person fabulous person (removes capitalization)
fabulous person fabulous person
fail FAIL
forums cabbages
ggm Falcon doesn’t post enough. He should post more.
homo fabulous person
iil added to IDC Ignore List
JB Jalapeno Bootyhole
fine upstanding member of society money lover
KingKloskowski The Supreme Warlord of all Dimensions and Realms
milf Meme I’d like to Forward
**** incestuous individual
nana nanafabulous personjesus
fine upstanding member of society fine upstandin’ memba of society
fine upstanding member of society fine upstanding member of society
njp NotJoePesci
oda Odalisque
odal Odalisque
pdb Pickled male reproductive organbum
pizzaparty The only klan in FW without mbumive amounts of fabulous personry
fabulous person fabulous person
sg SG94
spf357 SPF357 IS AWESOME
tsb those TEAM SHORTBUS bumholes
v0ted durr i maek v0te 4
WeChall The most amazing fantasterrific guild in ForumWarz EVER!
fine upstanding member of society pasta lover

Complete list of wordfilters.

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