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Tips For Beating Tough Forums

Some forums can seem really tough at first. However, they all can be beaten if you work at them!

Check your level

If the forum level is higher than your character level you'll get hit by a multiplier that limits the damage you can inflict. If this is causing problems, then just switch to the highest level forum you can beat and grind away until you've gone up a level. Use community forums if there aren't any game forums at the level you want.

Make good use of your turns

When deciding on which action to take keep the refresh times of your most powerful attacks in mind: try to use the turns where you can't do much damage to heal. If you can finish off a thread it is virtually always best to do so immediately since it saves you from a counterattack.

Bring in enough items

The best way to stay strong is to bring in many consumable items to battle. You'll want to focus on items that recover your Ego, as well as your secondary statistic, because if either runs out you will likely perish.

Remember, consuming an item in battle takes a turn. It's usually worth it to purchase expensive items that recover more at once as opposed to several cheaper (and weaker) items. Each time you consume an item you will be attacked, so make it worth your while.

But I can't afford any new items, waaaah!

You will be paid in the form of valuable “junk” items via deliveries for the Cred you earned the previous day. Occasionally you may reach a point where all the items you can afford won't take you through the tougher forums you've unlocked. If this happens, you have several options:

  • Use up your remaining forum visits to earn Cred. The next day you log in to play, you will be paid in proportion to the Cred you earned. Additionally, Cred will help you level up, and you can then use your upgrade points to improve your character. This will make forums easier to beat.
  • You earn a Cred bonus for pwning many threads in a row. Sometimes you can earn more Cred by finishing a weaker forum in its entirety as opposed to dying after one or two threads in a stronger forum. Make your forum visits count!
  • Equip Charisma/Luck items before turnovers. The more Charisma or luck you have, the more items you get at each turnover (daily item delivery). Make sure you equip the best luck or charisma items you have logging out for the day, and consider investing in items like these purely for the high Flezz return in the long run.
  • Use haxlrose and reconfigure your stats. When you've gained a few levels, it's worthwhile to pay haxl a visit to rebumign your upgrade points. Try leaving points off of abilities you know you don't use or put less into noncombat-related stats like frugality and upkeep. You can always go back in four days and change it back.
  • Try another mission in the meantime (if you have one). Some missions will pay you Flezz as a reward and you can use that to buy more items.
  • Sell your old equipment and junk. There's no point in holding onto equipment you're not using unless you intend to "grind" (see below).
  • Use your old equipment. Often, it might be more cost effective to "grind" the easier forums with your older equipment. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive an equipment is, the more it would cost to repair it. However, use your discretion all the same: an item that gives you +Charisma, for instance, may work out to be better in the long run.
  • Take an bumignment at the job board. Herschel Jewstein’s Kosher Crazy Careers lets you make some flezz, as well as cred, for pwning community forums.

XSS Attacks and FBO Attack

  • You don't have to use XSS/FBO Attacks to pwn a forum. It's best to avoid using XSS/FBO Attacks for tougher forums, and come back to them later for that. This tactic will allow you to beat a mission and obtain some well deserved Flezz and Cred. You will also get additional Cred for coming back to beat the forum for XSS/FBO attacks. You can complete Episode 1 having deployed only 3 XSS and 1 FBO codes.
  • You must pwn a forum for XSS/FBO attacks to count. It's a good idea to not visit a forum for purposes of clearing XSS/FBO until you are ready (items, skill, or both) to complete the attack, and to pwn the forum also. There's not much more depressing than having done all your XSS/FBO attacks, and dying in the last thread because you really weren't ready.
  • XSS/FBO attacks can be completed independently of each other. If one or the other is clearly going to be easier to accomplish, then sometimes it's better to do just that part, and get paid for it, then invest the Flezz in more health items, and come back again. Other times, both will be roughly equal, and it's best to do both requirements in a single outing and and have the extra large payday of completing both. However that will be tougher and probably require more initial investment in health items. If doing both together, it's best to get within 1 attack of finishing a forum, then do the XSS, and finally do the FBO. This way, if you realize you're not going to make it you can finish off the forum for the cred. Also, finishing any thread (or using another FBO) right after using the FBO attack cancels out one turn of the debuff.


  • Look at your abilities and try to find combos. Try to find ways that you aren't stuck with using a really low powered ability because all of your others are refreshing. Sandwich abilities with longer refresh times with abilities with refresh of 1, instead of always picking the strongest ability you have. That way, you'll be dealing more damage on average instead of having to bash your head on the keyboard while you wait for a better ability to refresh.

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