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Secondary Statistics

Secondary Statistics are attributes unique to each clbum, equivalent to Mana in many other RPGs. Most clbum-specific attacks and abilities consume their clbum's secondary statistic. If you don't have enough to pay for an ability, you cannot use it. Like Ego, your secondary stat is fully replenished upon entering battle.


Sexiness is the secondary attribute of Camwhores.

Sexiness can be increased through upgrades and items purchased in the Female Dominance, Stunglbumes, The Camel's Toe, and Spex Offender online stores.


Tears are the secondary attribute of Emo Kids. Many Emo abilities are among the most costly in the game, so it's important to keep an eye on this attribute.

Tears can be increased through upgrades and items purchased in the Infections, Ink and The Puncture Juncture online stores.


Douchebaggery is the secondary attribute of Trolls. Trolls have many restorative items available at the Under the Bridge online store. Many of these items contain negative effects, such as subtracting from your Ego, so it's important to plan for any risks involved.

Douchebaggery can be increased through upgrades and items purchased in the Illegalities and Aunt Jomama's Authentic Voodoo Emporium online stores.

Processing Power

Processing Power is the secondary attribute of Hackers. Hackers have restorative items available at both the Drugs R' Fun locations. Unlike the other secondary attributes, Processing Power cannot be raised simply by leveling up. Max Processing Power comes from hardware bought at A&A Superior Acquisition Computer Services Company Corporation Ltd..

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