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Emo Kid

Emo Kid Info
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  • Relies on high Offense, Tears, and Ego.
  • The lower your Ego, the more damage their attacks do.
  • Burns through Tears really, really fast.
  • Bad Ego-boosting abilities.

One of the six player clbumes in Forumwarz. Their secondary stat is Tears.
Most of an Emo Kid's attacks deal more damage when they are at a lower Ego.
Specifically the base damage of their clbum attacks is boosted: Effective Base Damage = Base Damage*(1+0.95*(1-Ego/Max Ego))
Emo Kids have one clbum store in the beginning, called Infections, Ink.
Upon reaching Episode 2, they will also gain access to The Puncture Juncture.
Upon reaching Episode 3, they will gain further access to Haute Topic.


Log in to see images! Icon Name Modifier Requirement Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 1 Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 11 Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 21 Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 31 Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 41 Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 51 Log in to see images!Defense +3 Level 61

Log in to see images!Icon Name Attack Type Modifier Tears Refresh Requirement Log in to see images!12 Misanthropy N/A -2 1 Level 2 Log in to see images!15 Misanthropy N/A -3 1 Level 4 Log in to see images!25 Narcissism N/A -6 2 Level 6 Log in to see images!60 Misanthropy N/A -9 1 Level 9 Log in to see images!80 Misanthropy N/A -10 1 Level 14 Log in to see images!125 Misanthropy N/A -10 1 Level 20 Log in to see images!175 Antisociality N/A -12 1 Level 23 Log in to see images!230 Incompetence N/A -15 1 Level 26 Log in to see images!N/A N/A For 6 turns: Defense +15 -25 6 Level 30 Log in to see images!275 Antisociality N/A -35 1 Level 34 Log in to see images!290 Antisociality N/A -45 2 Level 36 Log in to see images!300 Misanthropy N/A -50 1 Level 38 Log in to see images!330 Misanthropy N/A -75 2 Level 42 Log in to see images!350 Narcissism N/A -100 1 Level 46 Log in to see images!375 Misanthropy N/A -150 1 Level 52

Damage per tear spent:

  • Whine About Parents: 6
  • Whine About School: 5
  • Whine About Significant Other: 4.16
  • Emo Haiku: 6.66
  • Depressing Lyrics: 8
  • Post Suicide Note: 12.5
  • Quoth the Raven: 14.58
  • Everybody Hurts: 15.33
  • Self-Diagnose with Asperger's: N/A (no damage)
  • **** About Other Emo Kids: 7.85
  • **** About Non-My Chemical Romance Bands: 6.44
  • **** About Religion: 6
  • Summon Entire Drama Clbum: 4.4
  • My Scars Make Me Unique: 3.5
  • Infinite Sadness: 2.5

Average damage per tear: 6.87

Log in to see images!Icon Name Attack Type Modifier Tears Refresh Requirement Log in to see images!N/A N/A For 9 turns: Defense +4
/ Ego +10 -2 9 Level 2 Log in to see images!15 Misanthropy N/A -4 1 Level 4 Log in to see images!40 Antisociality N/A -8 1 Level 7 Log in to see images!N/A N/A For 8 turns: Defense +10
/ Ego +25 -6 8 Level 11 Log in to see images!100 Narcissism N/A -12 2 Level 16 Log in to see images!120 Narcissism N/A -10 2 Level 18 Log in to see images!250 Misanthropy N/A -20 2 Level 28 Log in to see images!260 Misanthropy N/A -30 1 Level 32 Log in to see images!315 Misanthropy N/A -60 1 Level 40 Log in to see images!330 Antisociality N/A -80 1 Level 44 Log in to see images!N/A N/A For 8 turns: Defense +20 -115 8 Level 48 Log in to see images!365 Misanthropy N/A -125 2 Level 50 Log in to see images!400 Misanthropy N/A -200 2 Level 54

Damage per tear spent:

  • Self-Mutilate: N/A (no damage)
  • Depressing Poetry: 3.75
  • I Have Issues: 5
  • My Morbid Portfolio: N/A (no damage)
  • My Tattoo Makes Me Unique: 8.33
  • My Hairstyle Makes Me Unique: 12
  • Sulk 250: 12.5
  • Long Dead Pet is Long Dead: 8.66
  • Vamp!: 5.25
  • Satanic Prayer: 4.25
  • Incompetent Suicide Attempt: N/A (no damage)
  • Go Postal: 2.92
  • Zombified: 2

Average damage per tear: 6.46

Log in to see images!Icon Name Modifier Tears Refresh Requirement Log in to see images!/ (only works once per use) -10 9 Level 5


  • Ego up, Defense down: It makes sense that emo kids have a higher Ego than other clbumes, since their attacks' damage is based mostly on how much percentage Ego they have remaining. So instead of pumping upgrade points into Defense, get more into Ego. The same applies for equipment.
  • Tattoo or Piercing?: Tattoos first. They appear to break slower than piercings, give you good bonuses for their price, and are generally more kickbum. However, if you have spare change buy the two cheapest piercings and tattoos (Eyebrow Piercing and Pi Tattoo). Going into battle wearing something, even if it is crappy, is better than going into battle wearing nothing.
  • Offense: Every point of Offense helps. When you get Flezz, always check back at Infections, Ink or The Puncture Juncture to see if you can afford new Offense+ equipment. You could go to haxlrose to reset your upgrade points and invest most of them on offense.
  • Whine-O or Pain?: Whine-O have some of the most powerful attacks in the game: Be aware of that. Pain are weak attacks, but until you get "Everybody Hurts" you'll want to get all of them for lack of anything better. With Everybody hurts, the Pain tree becomes mostly obsolete.
  • How to face the low defense: Emo Kids have the lowest defense. That's for sure. Although it's fine because the lower the Ego, the higher your offense, it's never good to have it too low. Boost it with .Moar files, piercing or tattoos.
  • Low Ego, high damage: Since the increase to your damage is based on percentage of ego lost, the lower your ego is, the faster your damage will rise. Endgame emo kids with optimum equipment have more than enough defense, and forums tend to miss enough. As long as you aren't afraid to use consumables, lower ego can provide a huge boost in speed. Not recommended for high level forums!
  • Tear Restoring Items: Buy lots of them. The Emo Kid's attacks use tears up fast so be sure to stock up on items such as Eye Drops and Organic Onions. Remember, if you run out of tears, you're screwed.
  • try to get hellraiser(skill) or death note for aggresion because emo kids have all types of attacks except for aggresion.
  • Final note: You can't equip glbumes. In Episode 3, however, you can equip accessories, which are exclusive to Emo Kids.

Emo Kid Rebalance

Before the First Great Rebalance, Emo Kids were nigh unstoppable. We brought mighty empires down to their knees with a single sneeze; we strode through vast wastelands and wrestled with titans for **** and giggles. The very gods themselves fled when we let loose our flatulence, lest they be caught in the eddies of our fartstorms and drowned into non-existence. Alas, it all ended when Evil Trout nerfed us all and put, in our place, the undeserving Camwhore.

Still, we took it all in our stride. We would not weep, we would not tear our hair or gnash our teeth. Well, maybe just a little. We are Emo, after all. But we will endure. We will survive. And when we rise again from the ashes of Episode 1, the camwhores will know a new meaning of pain.

What real Emo kids are

Today emo is commonly tied to both music and fashion as well as an inspiration toward the emo subculture,and the term emo is sometimes stereotyped with tight jeans on males and females alike, long fringe brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black, straight hair, tight t-shirts (sometimes short sleeved) which often bear the names of emo bands (or other designer shirts), studded belts, belt buckles, canvas sneakers or skate shoes or other black shoes, and thick, black horn-rimmed glbumes.This fashion has at times been characterized as a fad. In recent years, the popular media has bumociated emo with a stereotype that includes being emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted, or angsty. It is also bumociated with depression, self-injury, suicide, the color black, and possible homosexuality.

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