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Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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Episode 2

Episode 2 is the continuation of Episode 1. Crotch Zombie released Episode 2 on October 15, 2008. Prior to its release they provided sneak peeks and spoilers of Episode 2 content, while also reaching out to users to provide in-game content. Closed beta began on September 15, inviting contributors of Episode 2 to help test out the content.

Revealed Content

Several spoilers were provided to users through various means. A list of known spoilers can be found below.

  • The Hacker is revealed upon completion of Episode 1, as well as in a blog entry, which also reveals an attack for the clbum currently named "scrmbl".
  • The Permanoob clbum is revealed upon completion of Episode 1. A forum entry revealed that this would be a challenge clbum rewarded in the future upon being a Level 10 Re-Re.
  • Evil Trout also announced in IDC on June 8th that he would make some big changes in the flezz economy when episode 2 will be launched that would also affect episode 1.
  • A new text adventure, reportedly to take hours, will become available in episode 2.
  • A Job Board will become available in Episode 2, where you do jobs for the same random internet strangers that send you gifts every rollover in change of rewards. Also, a leaderboard linked to it will be implemented (and probably a new E-Peen, too). More info on this blog entry.
  • The addition of .moar files which are given when a forum is beaten.

"Mythology of Forumwarz"

In a podcast, CZ revealed that, though non-essential to completion, essential to enjoyment bits of information of the "Mythology" of the game, apparently focused around one event, would be revealed if the player was rude or nice to the right people. Additionally, playing as different clbumes would reveal different bits of the information, making alts more essential. It was also hinted at that small bits of this information were hidden in Episode 1.

The Blog

A category for Episode 2 information is available in the blog.

User-made Content

Junk Contest

A contest held by Evil Trout allowed users to submit junk items, accepted entries becoming junk items in Episode 2. Users whose items were accepted earned the Dumpster Diver E-Peen.

Artist Search

A blog entry revealed that Crotch Zombie was lacking an artist for the Camwhore clbum, and advertised the position to users. Evil Trout announced it is a paying job, and a forum entry stated that an E-Peen for providing content to Episode 2 could be earned.

Pre-ordering and purchasing

Pre-ordering episode two opened up on the 24th of September, at the cost of seven brownie points. Not only are you guaranteed to be able to play this, but you also receive a unique E-Peen:

Log in to see images! - This is like a badge that proves you’re allowed to practice as an attorney…an internet attorney, that is! This can now be obtained by simply finishing the new cut-scenes that take place in between the end of episode 1 and start of episode 2 (Note that you can access these scenes and obtain the e-peen even if you haven't purchased ep2).

However, to play on episode two if you have not preordered it, then you shall have to purchase it for 100 brownie points. If you don't pay, all you'll be able to do for episode two is play the courtroom mission.

*Actually, Crotch Zombie just ****ed up the code for a bit; they're different E-Peens.

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