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Crotch Zombie

Also known as Crotch Zombie Productions, Crotch Zombie is the company behind ForumWarz. The 2 main employees are Evil Trout & Jalapeno Bootyhole. Other contributors include BINGEBOT 2015, Dkal and 3 hole punch.

The face of Crotch Zombie Productions is BINGEBOT 2015 while the voice is Jalapeno Bootyhole. The word on the street is that they are fantastic lovers. Also, their breath smells like flowers, and their words feel like sweet rainbows cascading down from the heavens.

Myspace Tom was temporarily a member of Crotch Zombie due to a successful script run and a certain member of CZ not paying attention. This lasted for .3 seconds, but will haunt the developers for the rest of time.

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