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Permanoob info
Log in to see images! Requires Level 10 Re-Re
  • A challenge clbum.
  • Has no secondary stat.
  • As a result, they can use their attacks as often as they please due to very fast, mostly 1-turn refresh rates as well.
  • Rarely ever short on Flezz.
  • Cannot equip clbum-specific equipment.
  • Can only learn Incompetence-type attacks through leveling, so forums that resist it heavily will be a pain to pwn unless you beat missions that give special, different-typed attacks.

One of the six character clbumes in Forumwarz. As a challenge clbum they do not have a secondary stat. This means that they can use their skills as many times as they want without the fear of a diminished secondary stat. The only clbum equipment they may use is a pair of glbumes.

Permanoobs can only be selected once you have reached Level 10 with a Re Re.


Log in to see images!Icon Name Min Attack Max Attack Avg Attack Ability Type Refresh Requirement Log in to see images!0040 Incompetence 1 Level 15 Log in to see images!0057.5 Incompetence 1 Level 20 Log in to see images!0077.5 Incompetence 1 Level 25 Log in to see images!0112.5 Incompetence 1 Level 35 Log in to see images!0137.5 Incompetence 1 Level 40 Log in to see images!0162.5 Incompetence 1 Level 45 Log in to see images!0187.5 Incompetence 1 Level 50 Log in to see images!0250.5 Incompetence 2 Level 55 Log in to see images!1000.5 Incompetence 9 Level 60

Strategies & Tips

  • Until you beat Episode 2, you'll want to spend the bulk of your upgrade points on Ego. You can get it quite high and should be able to take forums at, or slightly above your level.
  • Check out the List of Forums to see which forums give good cred and try to pwn 4 different forums a day that help you level up without having to blow all your Flezz on consumables.
  • Keep an eye on the Job Board. A couple of thousand extra Flezz per visit never hurts.
  • You can equip glbumes but you don't have access to any of the specialty stores that sell them, but they show up regularly at The Ppwn Shoppe. Check once a day to see what's available. If you can garner enough Flezz, you can bid at Kyoubai and try to win some glbumes from the auctions.
  • After beating Episode 2, check Kyoubai regularly for the Master Ball item, and any rare .moar files such as Pink Floyd. A significant boost in offense and defense will be a huge help, if not a necessity, when you hit Episode 3. These items will cost a good amount of Flezz, but that's the one area the Permanoob is rarely short on.
  • Go out of your way to complete missions that grant you special attacks after completion- they're much stronger than anything you can access until Bash Helmet with Keyboard (and even then, they may end up being more reliable since they do a set level of damage).

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