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Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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Log in to see images! is the Forumwarz auction house, launched January 16th 2009, in which players can bid on items from the Forumwarz universe. The mascot of Kyoubai is BidSquid, a cartoon squid with a cowboy hat and a gavel. He'll be the one who tells you when you are outbid or when you win an auction. BidSquid was designed by Dooomcat Studios, who also did the clbum portraits and designed the homepage.

Log in to see images!You can select a repaired, unequipped item from your inventory and put it up for auction.

  • Everything can be auctioned in Kyoubai including your junk.
  • Other players can then bid on items. There is a minimum bid amount based on the current bid on an item. However, you can choose a maximum bid that is much higher than the minimum. In this case, your maximum buy price remains hidden, but you will automatically outbid any bids that are less than your maximum.
  • At the end of the auction, the highest bidder wins the item. If the item does not sell, it is returned via tubmail.
  • The seller may set a reserve price on their auction. There is no way for bidders to know whether a reserve is in effect. When the auction closes, if the highest bid is lower than the reserve, the item is returned to the seller and the bid is returned to the bidder.
  • For more specific details, see the Kyoubai FAQ.
  • History

    The name was finally decided after two polls in Flamebate. Its closest competition was the lame pun Affirmative Auction, but it also beat out far superior competition such as Full of Sale. As for word choice, Kyoubai is one of several Japanese translations for the word auction. Though a Japanese pronunciation would be like "kyo buy", it also looks a lot like "Ok, you buy!", and is funnier and more blissfully stereotypical if read that way.

    Future Development

    Evil Trout is introducing new and rare items to the game via Kyoubai, to mimic the ever-changing inventory of the The Ppwn Shoppe. Moar files and fragments will appear at Kyoubai, for flezz hoarders too lazy to grind for Pink Floyd and other more complex files. More rare .Moar files like Pink Floyd are planned, so Kyoubai may become a way to acquire these files.

    Screenshots of said rare items being introduced:

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