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E Peen

After achieving certain tasks you will be rewarded with E-Peen™. It doesn't affect gameplay, it just acts more like a permanent scar on your bumhole or a badge of honor (and sometimes, dishonor).

Remember when you got that little patch in the Boy Scouts for being able to tie a knot, and then the cool kids beat you up after you showed it off? Or like the time you came home crying to your mom, but she was mad at you because she burned her finger while ironing the damn thing onto your strap or whatever the **** it was attached to, so she put out her cigarette on your forehead in a fit of rage? Same thing, but it's digital.

All the E-Peen™ you've gained are listed on your Player Profile (if it's enabled), and is displayed next to your avatar in all flamebate posts. Be sure to sneak a peek at other players' profiles and compare their E-Peen™ to yours!

E-Peen™ also contribute to your E-Peen™ Length.

See also the spoilery and perpetually in-progress List of E-Peen™.

The E-Peen™ ****ed From▓Hell Name

E-Peen™ were originally called Exploits. Evil Trout thought that it was a good synonym for Achievements, the similar reward system on the Xbox 360. Jalapeno Bootyhole, however, hated the name so he started up a Flamebate thread asking people for name suggestions.

The name E-Peen™ was suggested by Dan0rz and seemed to be a big hit, so the name was changed shortly thereafter.

E-Peen™ is also a colloquialism for E-male reproductive organ.

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