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E Peen Length

As you earn E-Peen™ in Forumwarz, they contribute to your E-Peen™ length which is represented in inches. E-Peen™ length doesn't really benefit your game play, but it acts as something to brag about and show off to other players!

Not all E-Peen™ are created alike! Some are much much easier to obtain than others. In general, the harder an E-Peen™ is to achieve, the more length it will give you.

Your E-Peen™ length is not updated the second you receive a new E-Peen™, you have to let it grow over weeks, at the same time as the rollover.

Before the new system was implemented, everyone's E-Peen™ went haywire. Anyone below 10.00" were cut by a couple of inches. Evil Trout finally settled on a new system that makes everyone happy.

There is no current cap for E-Peen™ length.

For more information regarding the E-Peen™ length and the length systems in general, check out this thread:

Basically, your E-Peen™ is your internet male reproductive organ and you want a longer male reproductive organ, correct? E-Peen™ is a great way to show all your buddies how you like getting huge male reproductive organ.

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