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Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

You are currently looking at Spoilerpedia, our official wiki. Registered players can edit this wiki to offer each other hints and strategies.

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The official Forumwarz forums are called Flamebate. It's a place where players can communicate with each other and generally create a lot of nonsense.

There are twenty publicly viewable and postable forums on Flamebate, three forums that are read-only, and one private forum, spread over five categories: Forumwarz, IRL, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Role Playing Geniuses, and private (klan) forums. The first three categories are grouped under the heading of Civil Discussion and are strictly governed by rules regarding trolling, off-topic posts, and other un-civil behavior. Role Playing Geniuses is under the heading of Role-Playing and has a more relaxed set of rules. The final category contains klan forums and, with few exceptions, all rules in these forums are set by the klan leaders.

The Forums


This category has six forums: Game Discussion, Domination, buildr, Contests, Episode 2 Discussion and Kyoubai!. They are used for on-topic and (hopefully) constructive discussion, game help, etc., and are not to be trolled in (except some in the Contest forum, see the readme there for more details).


This category has five forums for subjects outside the world of Forumwarz: Ayn Rands (miscellaneous), Playing With Ourselves (games), Where Da Entertainmentz At? (entertainment), Meme Factory (internet memes) and NO SRSLY (current events). Trolling is not permitted in these forums.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

This category has three forums that are all read-only: The Closet of Shame, for the worst threads from other forums, Full of Won for the best, and Closed Contests, for contests on Flamebate that have ended.

Role Playing Geniuses

This category has a more relaxed set of rules than the other categories to allow for role playing. There are nine forums here: Whiny ****es, used for complaining about the game and a place where the mods dump non-constructive threads from the non-role playing forums; General Role Playing, for whatever, another dumping ground; Whores Just Wanna Have Fun! for Camwhores; The Trollhole for Trolls; CrySpace: A Place for Emos for Emo Kids; Ack! Thbbbt! Re-Res! for Re-Res; GOTO 10 for Hackers; Anonymous for anonymous posting; and Klan Talk, for klan recruitment and trash talking.

Private Discussions

These forums have limited access. Currently this category is composed exclusively of Klan Super-Secret Forums that only available to members of each respective Klan. There used to be an Endgame forum, but since it was private it never saw much activity and gradually turned into a festering mess.

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