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Re dei sepol-

Avatar: 94160 Sun Aug 02 22:32:53 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Wow, that was a lot of freaking entries! This was tough to judge. But I decided to pick the Top 30 entries. Everyone in the Top 30 will receive an E-Peen™. Some will even win it for a legal alt or two.

I’ll give away some BP to the Top 7 entries, plus two bonus BP giveaways, for a total of 30 BP! Log in to see images!

Without Further Ado, the BP Winnars:

1) Snow Crash for a hilarious, epic tale that degenerated into a typical enjoy fantasy. (7 Log in to see images!)

2) Acid Flux for a brilliant and refined meta-FWZ troll. (6 Log in to see images!)

3) Montressor for a convincing and unique variation on the gay bait-and-switch. (5 Log in to see images!)

4) Luchesi for a relentless emo-troll hybrid attack. (4 Log in to see images!)

5) Celerysteve for a lulzy barrage of obvious-troll obviousness. (3 Log in to see images!)

6) CandySatan for keeping it short, sweet, homoerotic and spuriously contrite. (2 Log in to see images!)

7) FAIL for a great gimmick that I’m totally going to try sometime. (1 Log in to see images!)

Bonus Beeps:

One BP (1 Log in to see images! for doing the best job in getting actual signups (and in Wartooth’s case, actual boners).

Because We Need a Top Ten:

Shii for the best “unfinished symphony.”

The Next Twenty (E-Peen™) Winnars (Not in Order):

The Ferv, Robok, PwnMaster103, Somebody, sometimes yRAWR, Manicken, crumpet, bumbumInDaWut, Nigroid, baou30, J H Christ, I Did it Fer Teh Lulz, Phuquit, Radosaur, heirloom, Higgs Bosom, JANDEKU, Fort Naruto, Phantom Phreak

Honorable Mentions

Context, AKKAHZ, Project Pat, WoweeZowee, Killbot-3000, Hobo the hobo, Majstor, dobnits

Should Have Read the Rules More Carefully

kittiejenn, ChilePepino, Doomish, Re dei sepolcri

Log in to see images!

Thanks to all who entered. Please allow me some time to create and distribute the Peen and BP. That’s it until our next exciting Crotch Zombie contest!

WTF i dont even get the e-peen?

Look dude, in my opinion my chats were good, in particular the last one, if you have taken the time to read and the first has all the references to forumwarz,flamebate and crotchzombie you suggested as a bonus.

Some of the winners instead are simply:






take off your pants

I put my male reproductive organ in you.


And these win?Log in to see images!

Sorry for having trolled for fun and quality,instead of trolling for spam,then.As for being disqualified for multiple posting you talked of disqualifing ONLY Fakers, not making multiple post was only an invite,(if you have not edited this in now) and wartooth won, even making multiple post, but he is a paying player no?

You said it:”Again, it really depends on the quality, originality and realism of submissions.”And this is the quality, originality and realism?If you wanted a one screen chat with written:

you can have said so.

And if the rule here is to make win only paying members good to know, but dont make persons lose time for nothing IT’S NOT FAIR,AT ALL.

Internet Delay Chat
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