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Hobo the hobo

Avatar: Nipple Piercing


Level 20 Troll

“Li'l Hellraiser”

not too amazing, but it made me ROFLmammary glands

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hello

Stranger: hey what did you learn today

You: You tell me first. hey what did you learn today

Stranger: my gf bought a vibrator

Stranger: because i wont have sex with her

Stranger: and i learned it does an amazing job

You: because i wont have sex with her, does this trouble you?

Stranger: no i enjoy my innocence

You: Tell me more\

Stranger: well ask questions

Stranger: idk what to tell you if you dont prompt me

You: idk what to tell you if you dont prompt me, what are your feeling on this statement?

Stranger: emotions

You: tell me more about emotions

Stranger: they are what all humans have

Stranger: and they can be so amazing

Stranger: and people take them for granted

You: Do you take them for granted?

Stranger: i do

Stranger: :/

Stranger: do you?

You: I may or may not, depending on to what you may be referring.

You: Typically, I do not.

Stranger: elaborate?

Stranger: oh ok

Stranger: what did u learn today

You: I cannot elaborate unless you give me a topic upon which to elaborate.

You: How is the weather today?

Stranger: its 12:27 AM so i dont know

You: I see. In that case, how should I know?

Stranger: your very contradicting

You: Do you have concerns abour your very contradicting?

Stranger: i dont

You: You don’t? That’s very good. So, how is the weather?

Stranger: why is it good?

You: You tell me

Stranger: oh man

Stranger: dude. chill

Stranger: you are trying to make this convo too deep

You: I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Please explain it to me.

Stranger: your just not being human

You: Human: A human being, also human or man is a member of a species of bipedal primates in the family Hominidae (taxonomically Homo sapiens. I can bumure you I am completely human.

You: Why do you ask?

Stranger: i didnt ask anything.

You: Please tell me more about i didnt ask anything. I’m very interested

Stranger: no im ok

You: Tell me, why do you disagree with me?

Stranger: its pointless

Stranger: now your going to ask why

Stranger: well because it is irrelavent and i really want this convorsation to affect one of us

Stranger: and right now its apathetic and pointless

You: its pointless. I agree.

You: Tell me more about its pointless.

Stranger: im going to disconnect

Internet Delay Chat
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