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Level 25 Hacker


Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Can I interest you in some salvation?

Stranger: YES

You: All you have to do is go to

You: And all your sins will be forgiven

Stranger: woah really?

You: Yes

You: Eternal damnation has never been more easily avoided

Stranger: are you… Jesus?!

You: No

Stranger: oh

You: I am just someone who cares

Stranger: Moses?

You: Ok, you got me

You: How did you know?

Stranger: ahh

You: Was it my accent?

Stranger: well it was obvious

Stranger: more like the uncontrolable beard

You: God frowns upon naked chins

Stranger: ahh

Stranger: **** i better grow a beard

You: I have enlightened another…

You: God is happy with me

You: Maybe I’ll be awarded brownie points

Stranger: ah possibly

Stranger: youve made me a true believer

Stranger: i am eternally greatful

Stranger: ok whats the sentrillion bit all about??

You: Tutorial stuff

You: Last part was boring, have to say something cool to make up for it. Go!

Stranger: this website kinda sucks

You: That’ll do

Stranger: oh

You: Thank you

Stranger: uhh

You have disconnected.

Internet Delay Chat
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