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Fort Naruto

Avatar: 88300 Mon Mar 30 17:18:30 -0400 2009

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 29 Camwhore

“Playmate of the Month”

Geeze that one took forever:

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hey do you know what forumwarz is?

Stranger: u a woman

You: yes

Stranger: nice

You: you?

Stranger: im a man

You: ok good

Stranger: wat iz ur age b

You: 18

Stranger: nice

You: yeah

Stranger: im 19

You: thats cool

You: where are you

Stranger: england

Stranger: u b

You: no im in the us

Stranger: nice

Stranger: us girlz r so hot

You: uk girls r so hot

You: they turn me on

Stranger: kl

You: like whats her name

Stranger: so ur a bi or a les

You: margaret thatcher

Stranger: loool

Stranger: wtf

You: yeah she was like this paragon of woman

Stranger: u a bi

You: all I think about is eating her hairy woman's genitals

You: yeah bi

You: I also like guys

Stranger: nice

Stranger: i luv woman's genitals

You: cool

You: like unshaven?

Stranger: i dnt mind

You: cause my moms a feminist and she says its a male power thign to shave

Stranger: u unshaven

You: so she says nevef shave and Im like mom its like really thing

You: thing=thick

Stranger: nice

You: yeah it gets itchy

Stranger: y dnt u shave den bbe

You: because then id be a nother pawn of the male power establishemtn

You: thats what mom says

Stranger: do u alwayz listen 2 ur mum

You: so wut kinda guys do u like

You: ?

Stranger: i dnt lke guys

You: mybe u shud

You: its hot

Stranger: but im a guy

You: for us girs into girls

Stranger: i only luv woman's genitals

You: yeh but u want a thre

You: then I want a thr

You: u can suck his male reproductive organ

You: and eat his great times

You: and stuff

Stranger: o well

Stranger: bbe u got msn

You: no

You: just thit

You: sry

Stranger: thit?

You: this

Stranger: wat iz thit

You: anewai yeah so you gunna make with the male reproductive organsuckin?

You: like tony blair

You: that guys so hot

You: suck tony blair

Stranger: i mite if u show me a pic of urslf

You: tell me how yr suckin tony blair off

Stranger: can i see a pic of u 1st bbe

You: no pics sry mms not ok with camras she says they stel ur soul

Stranger: lol

Stranger: u wanna suk my dik bbe

You: but srsly tony blair

You: those eyes that hair

Stranger: how wud u suk tony blair

You: so perfect n i wanna hear about u n tony

You: no

You: u

You: wit tony

Stranger: but i dnt lke boys bbe

Stranger: r ur mammary glands big babe

You: sur u do

You: u lik boys

You: just try it

You: like up th bum

Stranger: kk

Stranger: r ur mammary glands big

You: likt tony rubbin his male reproductive organ all over ur face

You: gets ms so hot

You: srsly

You: liek tell me about tony rubbing his male reproductive organ on ur face

Stranger: u wanna see my dik bb

Stranger: do u wanna see my dik

You: no i wanna see tony s male reproductive organ in ur mout now

You: ur not listening

Stranger: bbe i anit gay

You: maks it hottr

You: if like hes tied u up

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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