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Avatar: 47475 2015-07-17 09:14:26 -0400

[Backdoor Amigos]

Level 8 Emo Kid

Hey this is Professor Commie PhD. I am a total **** stain.

You: hai

Stranger: hey

You: knock knock

Stranger: whos there

You: me…i kill you

Stranger: creepy

You: you should

You: not have opened the door

Stranger: yeah clearly

You: strangers lurk around

You: and raping is my hobby

Stranger: wow thats nice

You: eh

Stranger: where are you from

You: A girl has to do something to fill the time between playing forumwarz

You: The netherlands

Stranger: im a girl too

You: right on

You: You ever enjoy at random?

You: its fun

You: I see why guys do it

You: nothing like the screaming

You: the crying

You: the pleading

Stranger: no ive never raped anyone

You: You should definately try

You: I mean, its like riding a rollercoaster

Stranger: yeah

You: only the rollercoaster is a guy and the screams are for real

You: only there is a problem

Stranger: what

You: Sometimes they go to the police

You: and i don’t want to be caught

Stranger: yeah that is a problem

You: So I usually kill them

You: Let me tell you, bones are hard to cut through

Stranger: uhh yeah

You: I had one squeal to the cops once

Stranger: and what happened

You: I convinced them that he asked for it

You: He was dressing all ****ty

You: asking for it

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