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Avatar: Smiling Woman


Level 29 Camwhore

“Playmate of the Month”

This is a longer one.. sorry.. good though!

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hello

Stranger: where are you from?

You: estonia

Stranger: im from the UK

You: neat

Stranger: Whats it like in Estonia?

You: what do you do in the uk?

Stranger: Student

You: its not bad

You: what do you do for fun?

Stranger: Alcohol and sec

Stranger: sex*

You: ooh

You: i like sex too

Stranger: would you like sex with me?

You: just like… normal sex or like anything strange..

You: multiple partners

Stranger: normal sex

Stranger: are you male or female?

You: female

Stranger: im male

Stranger: how old are you?

You: 22

Stranger: im 17 lol

You: you can drink there at 17?

Stranger: No.. 18.

You: ah

You: you bad boy

Stranger: but i can get served it

Stranger: cos i look older Log in to see images!

You: bad!

You: so naughty

Stranger: its worth it

You: so, sex huh

Stranger: its fun Log in to see images!

You: ever tried anything kinky?

Stranger: tried handcuffs once

You: hmm

You: kinda kinky..

Stranger: thats about as kinky as ive gone, tbh

You: im into a bit more kinky stuff if you know what I mean..

Stranger: examples?

You: hmm

You: domination

You: uh..

Stranger: i’d love to be dominated

You: some scat play

You: hmm

You: have you ever had a finger in your bum while you were having sex?

Stranger: yes

You: did you enjoy it?

You: that really turns me on

Stranger: Yeah. She really hit the right spots

You: anything bigger? like a small dildo or something?

Stranger: A male reproductive organ.

Stranger: once

You: ah, you’re bisexual?

Stranger: No

You: hmm, just experimenting then?

Stranger: I had a bi-curious friend so i let him have a go

You: ah, nice of you

Stranger: was actually quite good

You: you enjoyed it then?

Stranger: strangely, yes

Stranger: but im not attracted to men at all.

You: how do you feel about a strap on in there?

You: like a chick wearing one

Stranger: sounds good

You: hmm

You: have you ever had sexual thoughts about animals?

You: like smaller ones?

Stranger: Never.

Stranger: nope

You: a cat?

Stranger: no

You: fair enough

You: has a girl ever ****ed on you and you enjoyed it a bit?

You: sorry, i ask alot of questions cause im curious

You: lol

Stranger: A girl has never ****ed on me lol

You: would you let one though if the mood was right?

You: like

You: say for instance

You: hear me out now

Stranger: If she wanted to, then sure.

Stranger: but its not something i’d choose to do

You: we were getting into it real hard, drinking all night then having a romp..

You: im going at it with a strap on in your bum

You: all of a sudden, I have to have a ****

You: I say “I want to **** all over you”

You: do you say yes or no

Stranger: yes

You: ok

You: you’re freaky

You: I like it

Stranger: lol

You: what about if I wanted to take a ****?

Stranger: no

You: not at all?

Stranger: no lol

You: it reallllly turns me on

Stranger: it would turn me off… lol

You: ok

You: well thanks, you just ****ing ruined my orgasm

You: bumhole

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