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Avatar: Old Man and Crying Baby

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: dont leave

You: my last convo partner left me

Stranger: lol

You: without saying goodbye Log in to see images!

Stranger: everyone keeps leaving me

You: maybe because you’re black

Stranger: same Log in to see images!

You: gay?

Stranger: maybe your asian

You: not really

You: random stranger

Stranger: wheres from

You: fine upstanding member of societyland

Stranger: same aye

Stranger: lets meet up

You: sure

You: i live in nig a nigg street

Stranger: shove my fine upstanding member of society male reproductive organ down your throat


Stranger: im bored aye

Stranger: you a racist or summin

You: not really

You: i’m black myself.

Stranger: mmmmmmhm

You: i have a big black male reproductive organ to prove it.

Stranger: that sounds great

You: lol, just kidding, i’m a girl

Stranger: same

You: any tit pics?

Stranger: yeah babe i gto big juicy DD’s

You: you sound fat

You: are you fat?

You: you really remind me of this girl

You: her name is fran

You: she IS fat

You: still there?

You: Log in to see images!

Stranger: wow your annoying

You: yeah

You: and you’re fat

Stranger: yeah 310 pounds

You: nice

You: any nude pics?

Stranger: true aye

Stranger: wanna suck my long john and smoke spliff?

You: oh, so you’re one of those chicks with male reproductive organs

You: never met one before

You: i heard they are hot.

Stranger: yeah you can suck my male reproductive organ and my clit

You: hot.

You: by the way, this conversation will be posted on flamebate for mockery

You: you male reproductive organed-chick

Stranger: the ****s flamebate?

You: ever heard of forumwarz?

You: internet game

Stranger: oh you one of those people that waste their life like that

You: gets lame after a while, but this guy Jalapeno Bootyhole

You: he’s an admin and loves when you send him lolicon to his e-mail.

Stranger: sounds like a good guy..

You: he’s p cool sometimes.

You: but he doesn’t like fine upstanding member of societys

You: ****ing jew.

Stranger: thats too bad

Stranger: jews are below fine upstanding member of societys

You: i heard that’s because a fine upstanding member of society ****ed him in the bum when he was 5

Stranger: lmaoooooooooooooooooooo

You: anyway, he’s a jew and loves money

You: he likes ejaculating on his jew gold

Stranger: i do that too

You: I don’t because i’m a fine upstanding member of society,, I don’t have jew gold Log in to see images!

You: so yeah…. join forumwarz, it’s lame

You: they are gonna pay me with jew gold if you join.

You: specially if you send that Jalapeno Bootyhole dude some child porn.

Stranger: aare you actually black?

Stranger: sahhaha

Stranger: im not joining

Stranger: **** that

You: yeah, don’t, it’s lame.

You: and it’s full of fine upstanding member of societys and racists.

Stranger: like you?

You: always a ****war.

Stranger: im going dude

You: whenever you think you’ve seen the ****tiest, someone comes in and makes in even ****tier

You: well, whatever.

Stranger: hahaha. okay black

Stranger: obamas a babe

You: his wife.

Stranger: is nasty

You: i heard she cheated on him with 3 guys

You: at the same time.

Stranger: i heard fine upstanding member of societys all have aids

You: It’s true!

Stranger: spread the love

You: spread the aids!

Stranger: nice chatting fine upstanding member of society

You: nice chatting jew.

fine upstanding member of society fine upstanding member of society CHICKEN DINNER. I’m amazed at the amount of racism on the internet.

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