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Avatar: 92015 Sat Jan 24 00:21:13 -0500 2009

[Arse Ticklers fabulous persons Fanclub]

Level 35 Camwhore

“Like a Virgin”

Stranger: Hey

You: Hi! Have you heard of forumwarz? It’s a p cool game.

Stranger: Whats up?

Stranger: nah.. im watching prn

You: thats cul

You: Im at work

You: So dude

Stranger: what

You: Did you ever think about what would happen if you chopped your male reproductive organ off while you were hard?

You: like blood would fly everywhere

You: major problem

Stranger: ouh

You: yeah

Stranger: you killed my boner

Stranger: ****

You: hey man just as well

You: wouldnt wanna get it chopped off

You: while you fap

You: don’t keep razors near your male reproductive organ

Stranger: ****

Stranger: good advise

Stranger: I wont

You: yeah

You: so I fap to like snuff films

You: seen a snuf film?

Stranger: snuff?

Stranger: dont know what it is. but I wanna know

You: Masochism snuff film.

You: Dude takes another dude to the woods and slowly kills him while he cuts himself

Stranger: oh

Stranger: ****

You: There not legal technically

Stranger: i dont wanna see

You: but u know u can find em places

You: yeah dude

You: so tell me about your male reproductive organ and your razors

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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