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Here’s where we can talk about current events, politics and determine once and for all which is the one TRUE faith.

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
Politics Baseball thread thread Latest Post sdgrbbum09 3 9 sdgrbass09
Politics So there's this election thing happening in the US today Latest Post OrsonScottCard 5 929 Skyman747
Politics Increase in Activity in North Korea test site Latest Post Tamagotchi****er... 1 1320 TamagotchiFucker...
Politics Hey Canadians. Latest Post scully 5 1161 Johnny Mac
Politics How I Stopped Hating Thanksgiving And Learned To Be Afraid Latest Post viscera 11 703 Bacchus
Politics Come troll the GOP Latest Post revrent 9 726 SuperSonic
Politics I don't think our Governor is addressing the right issue Latest Post MC Banhammer 12 1558 twas
Politics i need help with my homework... ( 1 2 ) Latest Post lolbronnih 23 1628 The seventh defe...
Politics German Election 2009 ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Aldo_Anything 22 1301 Fie
Politics ITT: Bad politicians Latest Post momentumenergy 17 901 Moodburger
Politics Anyone else watching the Obama conference in Egypt at the tubes live? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post KenKaniff 25 1265 Sergeant Cid
Politics Euro-elections 2009 Latest Post Rastanarcharisma... 4 680 Rastanarcharisma...
Politics What defines a country? Latest Post Amphitrite 10 1875 Keakealani
Politics "Mainstream Media": An easily abused term Latest Post Bigandtasty 17 1084 Bigandtasty
Politics Eugenics and politics Latest Post priscilla 2 657 JacksonKelley
Politics Republican lawyers head to Alaska to take back Palins $150,000 campaign clothes Latest Post Drunkenlazybasta... 20 1060 moonerz
Politics Yes on Prop 8? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post AllisonInvisible... 35 1686 ezek
Politics Poll: Who will (or would) you be voting for in the upcoming US presidential election? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post DEAD fabulous person 31 1532 MajorMercedes
Politics Advil0's Guide to the California Propositions! Latest Post advil0 7 741 chibitrochan
Politics 2 reasons why Winston Churchill is a fabulous person Latest Post Aldo_Anything 11 821 cockhead
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