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Here’s where we can talk about current events, politics and determine once and for all which is the one TRUE faith.

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News What's going on in Canada then... Latest Post Dr Lloyd Berkner... 7 1416 Dr Lloyd Berkner...
News SOPA is a False Flag that allows Facists to Control the Internet ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Celerysteve 21 2517 sdgrbass09
News Matter is light & we live in the ****ing matrix bro Latest Post Celerysteve 7 706 Celerysteve
News so london huh Latest Post Patently Chill P... 10 683 Bacchus
News Coincidence? Latest Post Bacchus 10 774 Bacchus
News Dying 11 year old's wish Latest Post priscilla 18 1207 sdgrbass09
News Jonestown 2.0 about to happen. Latest Post Josh Grimes 6 684 mterek
News Mother has sex with 14-year-old biological son Latest Post Celerysteve 18 875 Chuck Diesel
News The Patriot Act ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post Finny 44 1828 man-man
News How is that a threat? Latest Post MC Banhammer 18 943 Sneaky27
News Press release from the temporary office of the Governor Elect. ( 1 2 ) Latest Post scullyangel 35 1595 Dunatis
News Important News Latest Post twas 10 784 murmur
News Screw Michael Jackson, BILLY MAYS IS DEAD. Latest Post Kilroy 20 1285 whopperhussein09...
News The White House wants us to report other citizens who talk poorly of his Health Care reform. ( 1 2 ) Latest Post bfdd 29 1621 bfdd
News AT&T blocks 4chan ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Adapt 26 1555 Fortunato
News Charles Taylor to be Tried Latest Post thisnamehasalrea... 1 615 thisnamehasalrea...
News July, not to be outdone by June, decides to kick July 4th off with a bang! Latest Post Deific Blunder 2 668 Aldo_Anything
News "North Korea threatened Wednesday to wipe the United States off the map" ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post priscilla 55 3110 A-Sat
News Parole for Susan Atkinson? Latest Post Catt although 4 696 TUBSWEETIE
News Hummer: Made In China Latest Post Sergeant Cid 8 825 Samildanach
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