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Episode 2 Discussion

Use this forum to discuss Episode 2 content.

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Gay STEVE JOBS IS DEAD ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post Johnald The Robo... 48 3772 Bear
Gay The unofficial "what the ****" Episode 3 waiting room. <HEAVY spoilers> ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) Latest Post Pedophile 97 11120 SanDyk
Gay Help with Bubble Troll text adventure, please! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page ) Latest Post Cannabis_clock 241 21998 Bill_Murray_Fan_...
Gay We shouldn't have to pay 3 when it comes out! ( 1 2 ) Latest Post KingGhidorah 37 3058 sONic-GReMLiN
Gay How to level-up fast? Latest Post Claudio Sanchez 6 1139 Rage_Shit
Gay attention permanoobs! ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Damion 22 3113 GrahamWellington...
Gay Account suspended by JolieNet DSL in the beginning of ep. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Latest Post Claudio Sanchez 5 1084 Claudio Sanchez
Gay Church in regular bookmarks *and* comm forums Latest Post Melody Leigh 16 1167 twas
Gay Relative N00B Has a Question: Part I Latest Post runujhkj 11 989 SimplyTHEBEST
Gay tHeReMiNoRiTy_RuLe <spoilers in your grill> Latest Post 7VibratingLangst... 7 903 Langston Jones
Gay Reilly O'Bill Path Latest Post Bear 2 951 MC Banhammer
Gay With most of the people complaining... ( 1 2 ) Latest Post twas 29 1782 TJF588
Gay Please help with the Amish mission Latest Post asforoneday 8 893 Adeptus
Gay holy **** i like forumwarz again praise allah whoever helped in creting the trident forum should get eternal happiness Latest Post nanalatinojesus ... 12 985 bulldyke
Gay So...did I screw up? Latest Post Martyrdom 4 935 Martyrdom
Gay I want jobs ;-; Latest Post The Black Abyss 7 905 Charles
Gay HALP PLOX Latest Post Lord Shplane 1 726 Lord Shplane
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