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Forumwarz Forced Memes


One of the oldest memes forced on this site. Look at the Headsets article for a list of cool people wearing them. This meme was originated when user Pickled male reproductive organbum suggested using headsets and VoIP programs to help increase the efficiency of Vanilla Raids on his klan forums. A TSB user (presumably TeeKayEff) leaked this post to public Flamebate, thus our first forced meme was born.


Those lovely creatures were posted all over Flamebate (mostly by Fingerz lol) so that the rules had to be changed. Find more info on Draginz here.

Fran is Fat

This meme started with a small game on IDC, where everyone on IDC would insult the first person who would join next. Fran was that person, and everyone started calling her fat since her old nickname was littlefran. At first she was upset at that, but nowadays she has come up in terms with it. This meme got chosen as a forum on forumbuildr as of 08/30/09.

7 Vibrating Doldoes

This meme started in INCIT. Raepdog had been talking with Goatse II about the best way to troll INCIT, making forced memes. Meanwhile Fingerz was ****ing at some Swedefabulous persons and she said 'you probably jack off with 7 vibrating doldoes every night' and as a little nod to Goatse II, Raepdog said '7 Vibrating Doldoes is now a meme!' which the whole chat repeated ad nauseum. The klan, 7 Vibrating Doldoes, was created the next morning, and still exists to this day, although with reduced activity since Fingerz got banned for a year.

Blinded in Rage

A user by the name of FalconFour was permabannned for being a fabulous person. He then went on a nerd-rage fueled spam frenzy, sending Evil Trout various Emails begging/demanding to be unbanned. In one of those emails he coined the phrase "I'm blinded in rage" and thus a meme was born. Celerysteve wrote a limited availability mission based on the FalconFour history (see Falcon****er).

I'd Buy that for a Dollar

Log in to see images! This forced meme started on a thread by Fortunato, when user leetlol created a song about a toaster car (Source). This meme became popular when Fortunato recorded leetlol's song (Link). This meme has an emote too, use :tc: for Log in to see images! Fingerz made a builder logo declaring "Trout is a Franch Ginger", and people liked it. A LOT. The ThreadLog in to see images!
This meme also exists because Evil Trout is REALLY a french ginger. Here's a picture of him.

Above the Board

Crotch Zombie released a list of 50 people who killed the most threads.

Monstrous Homogay

MC Banhammer got this insult when he was promoted to Moderator status.

Go **** a Rainbow Egg

An insult used by Acid Flux (aka Sergeant Cid) against "GaeaRage" (who's ForumWarz username is unknown by the mbumes) on YouTube. After this, users began using the meme as an insult against Sergeant Cid.

srtop it

"It originated on a Domination stall. Someone anonymously (though it's believed it was Leechbait) posted “srtop it” after being attacked. It was an obvious typo, but another anonymous player (It's believed it was an Arktor alt) proceeded to run with the typo and anonymously post “srtop it” several times over the next few days.

The next week the first post on every stall Arktor had a character in was an anonymous “srtop it”. Soon “srtop it” was the standard response whenever anyone was being hit with multiple Dom cards." Source.


An awesome spam war that happened in IDC read the log here. This meme has an emote as well, type :moo: for Log in to see images! Originated by the GGM klan after generichaxor made a horribly bad contest that violated toxx at least 20 times. Note that the only person to force this 'meme' is ghax himself. It can hardly be called a meme, even a forced meme, since originally it was used by other users to mock his complete inability to comprehend the simplest of contest rules. Example of its usage: Here.

Crotch Zombie

The Forumwarz creators' first attempt to force a meme, based on their own homoerotic habits. Defined here. Jalapeno Bootyhole held an epic fail of a contest to have people video themselves crotch zombifying one another, which can be found here.


With the introduction of split Flamebate, the logo for Civil Discussion with two Neanderthals talking 'bout wheels became a semi-meme.
There's even an emot, type :wheel: for Log in to see images! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW was created as a way to spam INCIT. First concepted by SG94 (Link), it was scarcely used till some months ago, when some Forumwarz users such as Fie, ChilePepino, Fran, Nicco and Hobart Bliggity would spam INCIT and earn lots of wins using WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

This meme made Jalapeno Bootyhole epically bumhurt since he cares a lot about INCIT, to the point he started patrolling INCIT to ban all WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW spammers in sight. This plus Protivate arguably killed INCIT, which is inactive most of the time nowadays.

fine upstanding member of society

fine upstanding member of society fine upstanding member of society fine upstanding member of society

Good post, upvoted

When discussion post voting was being implemented, Evil Trout stated "The idea is to eliminate some of the replies that are like “signed” or just a quote of something someone said." Ricket thought this was a p stupid idea, so he started announcing on Flamebate whenever he thought a post was good, saying "Good Post, Upvoted".
This meme rapidly became popular, adopted in different ways (such as "Good win, upvoted" for INCIT wins, "Good ban, upvoted" for good bans, and "Good contest, upvoted" for great contests), and generated an alt, and an emoticon (:up: for Log in to see images! Started because every once in a while, CZ will pick a seemingly random thread which encourages people to post in recognition of some event, and award an epeen for it. Such as wishing male reproductive organ Hymen a happy birthday. Since it's unclear what criteria CZ uses, some people have taken it upon themselves to post in case there's a peen in every such thread.

I am a veteran player and I speak for <name>

This meme started when 2dum2kno was banned from spamming INCIT. MercWithMouth then engaged PhineasPoe in a really heated conversation, attempting to defend his WeChall friend. A quote catched up the attention of everyone:

MercWithMouth: PhineasPoe: You banned a player for 24hours despite a veteran player vouching for him strongly.

After this, everyone decided to use their veteran player status to appeal bans (except, ironically, Merc's, which pretty much every veteran player agreed with)

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