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Avatar: 50228 Wed Apr 08 07:39:40 -0400 2009

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 37 Troll

Orgasm changer who shoots rays through computer screens

Andy_Dextruss Posted:

Now that Thiefree’s contest has ended, Grey Goose Mafiosi Inc. proudly presents another amazing competition:

    The Extremely Specific Fetish Pic Contest!

I want you to take pictures of yourself acting out fetishes chosen from the list below. You can do as many as you want, submit as many pics as you like, but every entry must contain a note saying “**** off, Andy you perv!” or “GGM is sexy!” (or your username) either on paper or yourself. If you’re doing a series of pics you don’t have to have the note in all of them, as long as it’s obvious (which I will judge) that they are all of you. If it contains a clear shot of your face you can also take a pic of your face holding the same sign and that would be considered proof, or if you link to other pictures where you prove it’s you (shoe on head pics/GGM Camwhore contest). You can enter significant others/friends etc. as long as the pics comply with the rest of the rules, good luck explaining it though.

Most of these are easily accomplished without nudity, though nudity is encouraged and will help your entry. Log in to see images! The idea of fetishes is sexual arousal so you can’t go wrong trying to make your submission as sexy as possible. However, that being said, if you’re creative and funny with your entry, it will easily compete with something I consider genuinely hot in this contest, even if it’s a little gross/shocking – so guys should not be shy in getting involved. Any kind of quality submission will be appreciated.

You can choose from:

    Foot Fetish: Pics of feet in ****ty heels (the higher the heel, the better), no tights/stockings, bonus points for trampling on someone.

    Fake enjoy: Tied up, looking unconsciousness, extra points for really bad fake blood/bruising and drink with tablets nearby.

    Furries: Speaks for itself, good costumes, random ones, extra points for outdoor pics, funny poses.

    Roleplay: Dress up as a schoolgirl, cop, frenchmaid, vampire, goth/emo/suicide girl; this needs to be pretty ****ty and provocative. Nudity (fine upstanding member of society slips, super short skirts) is encouraged here but generally just looking really hot will get you good marks.

    Gimp/slave – Dress up in leather/rubber/pvc/black bin bags, the weirder and funnier will win in this category.

    great timesshots: Take a pic of your a part of your body dripping with (hopefully fake) great times, try writing something in it and being creative, extra points for ammount/consistency.

Log in to see images!

Please send your submissions to me via Tubmail, please post here to confirm your entry, also any questions you may have can be asked here. At some point on the following day I will select the 10 best entrants and then post a poll on Flamebate to let you guys decide the actual winner.

No trolling in this thread, any pics not containing a note or some form of sufficient evidence will not be considered for entry.

The winner will be given 4 BP and the runner-up will be given 1 BP.

Look forward to more quality contests brought to you by GGM, week after week!

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Quoted for generichaxor.

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