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Session Start: Tue Jul 14 00:54:19 2009

Session Ident: Merc
Session Ident: Merc ([redacted])
<merc> Ah, there we are.
<merc> Ricket my dear boy,
<merc> that was NOT an actual ban.
<merc> Nor did I intend for it to be.
<ricket> I don't need your condescending bull****, Merc.
<merc> But.... I think we ought sit down and be civil for a few moments. ;)
<merc> Condescending or not, it was the truth.
<ricket> Ride that ****ing high horse off into the sunset.
<merc> The insults are neither necessary nor of any value.
<merc> Which is precisely why I've asked you here.
<merc> And... pompous tone or not...
<merc> this IS an actual effort to sit down and... well, let's say make a new start.
<ricket> Uh huh. Not interested. :)
<merc> And why is that... if I might ask?
<ricket> I can do without an bumhole like you.
<merc> Lol. Were that true, I wouldnt have tied you in dom medals in less than 1month worth of dom rounds despite having only 1player account.
<merc> You might alos notice that I've thus far restrained myself from profanity.
<merc> The pomposity of the tone might be a bit of a nuisance,
<merc> and I regret that--
<merc> but, it's my plain-faced nature.
<ricket> Err. You're erroneously bumuming I give a **** about dom medals.
<ricket> Just because I have a lot, doesn't mean I care.
<merc> Indeed. Then we've already unearhted a similarity of sorts.
<merc> I want to show you something. Please wait.
<merc> incidentlaly, i cleared up with bt to let you in. for the moment.
<merc> it was the least i owed since i was taking a few minutes.
<ricket> [01:01:24] <ricket> Err. You're erroneously bumuming I give a **** about dom medals.
<merc> take a closer look.
<merc> in that bracket...
<merc> i won ZERO medals.
<ricket> Uhh, way to suck despite having so many teammates in the bracket, I guess?
<merc> However... it was... without question the moment that i felt proudest of ever since i started spearheading my clan to compete in FWZ DOMination on a serious basis.
<merc> No.
<ricket> Cool.
<ricket> Just one thing though
<ricket> [01:01:24] <ricket> Err. You're erroneously bumuming I give a **** about dom medals.
<merc> The reason I was proud of it was because what I won from that FAR EXCEEDED anything like DOM medals.
<merc> THAT is what i'm trying to tell you.
<ricket> ...'kay?
<merc> Ricket, FWZ DOM... ice cream scoops... e-peen.. medals...
<merc> those are bull**** and we know it.
<merc> Some are more infomred of this than others,
<merc> while others are convinced that they MEAN SOMETHNG.
<merc> But... there is something in DOM that is VERY meaningful.
<merc> Frankly, I almost feel cheated I hadnt realized it sooner.
<merc> The beauty of FWZ DOM is that from it,
<merc> it teaches EXTREMELY REAL real-life skills.
<merc> Most notably of course... leadership, and organizational management.
<merc> When I command my clan raids... it's essentially a task tantamount to herding tasks.
<merc> coordinating 13guys simaeltaneously is difficult in general.
<merc> But on FWZ.... it's particularly tricky.
<merc> As you might have noticed... the majority of the player-userbase for FWZ is...
<merc> well, not particularly sound from the psychological standpoint.
<merc> They are extremely diverse, and in many ways, represent the lowest-tier of taste on the Internet.
<merc> 4chan rejects -- and if not -- something only one or two tiers above it.
<merc> Ergo... being able to make them join in common cause...
<merc> to work like a team... even if only for something as petty as gamer medals,
<merc> it a REAL accomplishment.
<merc> in a way... being able to get guys to come together for somethign petty is more of an achievement than getting htem to come together for somethign TRULY meaningful like money.
<merc> At least with money loyalty and cooperation is bumured;
<merc> in a Quake TeamDeathmatch or a FWZ scoop-raid... mmm. not so much.
<merc> Ricket, do you understand why I'm telling you this ?
06* Merc apologizes for the long-windedness of speech
<ricket> 'cause you're mad gay, dawg?
06* Merc facepalms
<ricket> For everyone that isn't a ****ing hermit, teamwork and group goals are pretty early lessons.
<merc> Considering that your response could have been 10times more venomous,
<merc> I'll take that as progress.
<ricket> I can up the venom if you'd like.
<merc> Ricket, the reason I told you this was to show we might have something in common after all.
<ricket> 6 words for you, Merc: Dawg, you gay. You gay dawg.
<merc> (I'd rather you held back on that.)
<merc> I was actually surprised to ehar that you didnt care much for the DOM medals,
<ricket> Stop having a ****ing hardon for WeChall, Forumwarz, and me. I don't care about you.
<merc> but, in so hearing,
<merc> my respect did increase.
<merc> Well then let's cut to the chase.
<merc> Whatever our past differences... I'm more than willing to put them aside.
<merc> Allow me my right to be a little silly on FWZ what with my lolcats and stupid memes,
<merc> and please refrain from the unprovoked insults.
<merc> Ricket: Can we agree to that?
<ricket> Considering you get bumhurt to the point of...~30 minute long-winded IMs, no.
<ricket> Because this is hilarious.
<merc> lol
<merc> quite the contrary,
<merc> 30 minute long-winded IMs is the standard affair with me.
<merc> whether... i'm upset... enthusiastic... or something else altogether.
<merc> Let me ask you this: what is holding you back from the agreement ?
<merc> Is it pride?
<ricket> ...yes Merc, it's pride. You've seen right through me with your armchair psychology.
<merc> lol
<merc> so you dont care about dom medals,
<merc> but pride does matter to you?
<ricket> Uhh, not in a Forumwarz context.
<merc> Now whose spewing condescending bull**** ?
<ricket> Good sir, I am in it for the lulz.
<merc> That's the standard reason I offer when asked what keeps me on FWZ....
<merc> Ok... Lulz in what way ?
<merc> I havent seen you play in incit nor talk int eh chatroom...
<ricket> Lulz in the "stream of never ending bumhurt" way, at the moment.
<merc> I havent seen you post funny artwork you made for a quick laugh...
<merc> But I have seen you bumemble an ARMY of alternates by your own admission,
<merc> hurl insults on a whim when it comes to gameplay,
<merc> and pwn 2000forums on 1account.
<merc> Hmm. How so?
<ricket> there any portion of Forumwarz that isn't composed entirely of bumhurt?
<merc> Times change. It's not just a trolling website anymore.
<ricket> I don't think we're talking about the same site.
<merc> In fact it might never have been.
<merc> The reason I'm on it and why I support the site is in tribute to indie game dvelopment.
<merc> The "garage" game developer model was thought to be on the verge fo extinction; FWZ is living proof this might not be so
<ricket> Okay, really now. You take this **** way too seriously.
<merc> lol. while i do appreciate you trying to say you're "in it for the lulz",
<merc> your... past efforts at animosity... suggest otherwise.
<merc> The attacks were perosnal. Not opportunisitc.
<ricket> Uh huh. And what do personal attacks suggest?
<merc> And if you WERE a troll... you'd just stick to IDC like SMEC and try to screw with the heads of anyone that came by.
<ricket> Are you really trying to psychoanalyze someone's trolling?
<merc> What I'm saying is that the case you're making for being in it for "troll lulz" doesnt seem to quite muster with other evidence out there.
<merc> In the interest of time, I'll just cut back to the chase again.
<merc> Can we agree to no further unprovoked attacks? I ask you this because despite what your'e saying-- and I'm not sure if it's entirely volunarily what you're saying -- I don't think you're an ordinary troll like SMEC.
06* Ricket sighs.
<merc> You DID come here with the thought of some sort of DOM-related agreement in mind, after all.
<merc> Not exactly a page out of SMEC's book.
<ricket> I'm not that naive.
<merc> I never said that you were.
<ricket> You've got enough bodies in the bracket to get almost anything.
<ricket> You're not going to cut a deal, you're not in a position to need one.
<merc> Quite the contrary...
<merc> that's PRECEISELY what I'm prepared to do.
<merc> You can quote me for HELLTOXX if you want.
<merc> I won't be an active party to the negotation of any agreement --
<merc> but I will hold no reservations in upholding it or promising not to obstruct it if you agree to my request.
06* Merc imagines that Quan would be the best person to talk to regarding such a thing
<merc> I'll even go one step further...
<merc> IF you agree to my request,
<merc> and your conduct over the not-to-distant future reflects it,
<merc> I'll even agree to presenting the case to the other lads that you deserve a chance to enter into an agreement of some sort.
<merc> Of course, by that point, it'll go without saying that I'll encourage you to sit at the table and make the argument for yourself.
<merc> (argument for your case)
<merc> In other words... even if the other lads try to shoot down your requests to negotatie or entreaty... I'll do what I can to tell them you deserve a fair chance.
<merc> And yes, I apologize if what I'm asking seems to be ULTRA LAME to you. But, you need to recall what profession I yield from.
<merc> Negotiation... for the very SAKE of negotiation... is a side-dish we eat up happily alongside our bread-and-bumer.
<ricket> Okay, I'm going to paste this one more time.
<ricket> [01:01:24] <ricket> Err. You're erroneously bumuming I give a **** about dom medals.
<merc> "Ricket You've got enough bodies in the bracket to get almost anything. "
<merc> seems liek you do care about medals.
<merc> I'm not asking the earth and the moon of you, Ricket.
<merc> Simply agree to the request -- in spite of the super-gay-lameness of it -- and we can both be on our way.
<ricket> Merc, just because I can understand the situation doesn't mean I care about all aspects of it.
<merc> Acknowledged.
<merc> Now make your decision.
<merc> For what it's worth... as regards our differences...
<merc> I'll also mention this.
<merc> While you might look on the past 70min of text as pure nuisance...
<merc> for guys like me... THIS is what we live for, and THIS is what we enjoy-- whether we win or lose.
<merc> (American) hockey-puck is on your side of the arena, Ricket.
06* Merc goes off to post mudkips on random corners of the internet for a cheap, stupid laugh
<merc> Ricket: Ping me at your leisure. I'm waiting.
<merc> Ricket: (incidentally, you're free to share this conversation. unless you specifically ask otherwise, i was goign to share this to clanmates.)
<ricket> Go ahead.
<merc> As you wish.
<merc> And your decision?
<ricket> Uhh.
<ricket> Kill yourself.
<ricket> A noose is probably the cleanest way.
<merc> ;)
<merc> And you'll get just as much Vitamin D from milk that came from jugs as bags.
<merc> If you want me... try the Encyclopedia Dramatica IRC.
<merc> Later.
Session Close: Tue Jul 14 02:10:47 2009

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