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7 Vibrating Doldoes

The klan 7 Vibrating Doldoes was created by Fingerz. FalconFour then turned the klan into serious business by making it big and organized and creating a 7VD website (a website he later turned over to GGM in an effort to troll the members of 7VD). Fingerz doesn’t like serious business, only lulz, so she removed FalconFour’s officer status and shortly after that a Nicco alt kicked FalconFour from the klan he built up. There was Mbum bumHURT on the part of FalconFour, and many lulz were had. This may in fact have been the pinnacle of 7VD's existence and it pleased Fingerz and the FWZ community in general a great deal. Then FalconFour created his own klan which is called Order of the Vibrating Doldoe and tried to recruit all the members of 7VD to join him. Nobody did. Funny fact: [S]All Doldoe klans are going to cease their existence very soon[/S] FALCON IS PROLLY P bumHURT THAT 7VD IS STILL AROUND BUT THAT'S OKAY WITH US.

7VD today is an all-officer klan, still looking to cause mbumive bumhurt to klans or to individual players but none of us are really motivated to do so because there's nobody here worth trolling that hard anymore. So we just kind of chill. Fingerz makes it a point to post in every thread on Flamebate, keeping the 7VD name fresh in everyone's mind. We don't raid anymore now that the vanilla klan raiding rules have been changed,mostly because we were all disorganized and nobody in 7VD cares about Forumwarz the game all that much.

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