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Where Da Entertainmentz At?

Here’s the place to talk about TV, movies, music…shit like that.

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
TV Police Surgeon - Canadian 70's cop show Latest Post The Ultimate War... 12 1521 puss mcquack
TV now let's see if we can have the weather forecast Latest Post Aldo_Anything 3 497 sdgrbass09
TV Supertrain Latest Post The Ultimate War... 2 965 KommanderKloskow...
TV A Tribute to Billy Mays Latest Post ERECTILE_DEATH 10 906 Bacchus
TV Who ever watched Legends of the Hidden Temple? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Fran 40 2880 dobnits
TV I enjoy watching That Which Is Televised. Latest Post Jalapeno Bootyho... 20 1180 AIDS CUNT
TV Pokemon Diamond and Pearl ? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Techno_Viking 21 1181 sdgrbass09
TV Conveyor Belt of Love Latest Post Vageena Davis 8 1817 aSh-gangSTA-685
TV Balloon Boy Charges Latest Post baou30 4 735 Player X
TV LOAD"Dallas",8,1 Latest Post Aldo_Anything 1 531 Aldo_Anything
TV FACTS OF LIFE Appreciation Thread Latest Post GooseFriedBacon 6 795 Skyman747
TV Tim and Eric ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Xylon 23 1817 Cheins Sanchez
TV Damn you Canada! Latest Post Nacho Pepsi 5 605 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
TV True Blood Latest Post Langston Jones 11 601 Nacho Pepsi
TV Here are some awesome movies Latest Post Bandaney 10 724 Blu3Schnauzer
TV Is it sacrilege if I don't watch this show? Latest Post MC Banhammer 5 664 StarkJade
TV Trapped in the Cupboard Latest Post JacksonKelley 3 685 Generic Racist
TV What are you watching now? Latest Post SkinTicket 13 857 Generic Racist
TV Who was the best Ninja Turtle? ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post ERECTILE_DEATH 43 1673 Blu3Schnauzer
TV David Carradine found dead :( Latest Post TUBSWEETIE 8 757 Amy Rose
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