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SG94 is a founding member of Consentual Sex, the klan that recruited over 200 members in just two days. She's annoying but means well. She is Dutch, so we bumume she is stoned all the time and eats a lot of cheese. In chat, her name may be abbreviated to 'sg': the wordfilter will replace the phrase with her full name. Goddamn, that's some convenient **** right there!

Notable achievements:

  • She and AAHZ were the only two players to be awarded The Big Give immediately upon its implementation.
  • One of the players who abused the hell out of the near unlimited availability of antifreeze scoops from Blackjack.
  • Once snapped the neck of a man between her muscular thighs.
  • Creator of the SG94mula for cred, which gives the exact cred earned running forums.
  • The most popular user of all time, with 517 users wanting to friend her at one point.
  • First non-mod/admin to be notable enough to require inclusion of her abbreviated name in the wordfilter.
  • Rick Roll'd Evil Trout.
  • Featured under her old name, "Summergirl_94", on the leaderboard banner (see below).

Log in to see images!, a hebephiliac troll who proves that painting a little 'stash on some emo **** is the ultimate form of Douchebaggery, at one point taking Speedrun records for Fathers Against Pornography, Faux News, Girls Advocating Sexual Purity, God Hates Facts, Great Firewall of China, Internet Movie DoucheBags, MemeBusters, RAtM: Rage Against the Moderators, Second Wife, That's a Lot of Feces! and The Urbane Dictionary, a total of 11 forums. His achievements were later dwarfed by INTERNET, so he shifted his attention to ambuming cred.

  • Roleplay-Bot 3153, the first to conquer the Great Firewall of China as a Re-Re, netting it a unique E-Peen.

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