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AAHZ is one of the oldest trollers known to man. He has been on the internet for close to 20 years, and therefore is the "godfather" of all trolls. Some common facts about AAHZ are as follows:

-his male reproductive organ is 20"

-his ability to troll is feared and incomprehensible

-trying to understand what he says can make ones brain ache

-if you face him, you face him alone

AAHZ is a friend to the small man. His original Klan, Kamikaze Pizza Co, lives on as the infamous terrorist organization that planned the WTC attacks. He is believed to be the mastermind behind the attacks on 9/11. Speculations on his Jewish nature are yet to arrive.

AAHZ gave Irascible 30 BP's for no reason at all. He also endowed TUBSWEETIE with 50. His ability to give out BP's is unorthodox and unheard of. He is amazing.

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