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List Of Banned Players

In the Forumwarz community, there are several bannable offenses which can get a user removed from the site. Below is a list of banned users.

Users Who Have Been Permanently Banned

Name Reason for ban
MySpace Tom For the lulz? & jealousy for his tiny e-peen
-God- Illegal multiple accounts & bumociated holy wars
Zonbei Illegal multiple accounts, most of which need brains
Crash Coredump Who?
BiZarro Tom Excessive hacking
iRAWR Hellbanned
FalconFour Site Drama
AAHZ Too many tears
ghax Illegal multis and mbumive amounts of fail
MercWithMouth "Let’s just say we got tired of complaints of him harbuming users."

Players Who Have Been Temporarily Banned

(at one point or another)

Name Reason for ban
Evil Trout Made a poll with one option. This was trolling, so he b& himself
FAIL Trout misclicked while making his DESTROYER OF CONTESTS E-Peen
FoetalBlowjob Couldn't see the male reproductive organ in the .png
Fapping Posting disturbing shock images on various occasions
my mother Took it 2 srsly
DarkDespair5 Spamming random text posts in a contest.
baou30 Trolled in a contest.
generichaxor 4 times by request. Once for not quoting for toxx. Once for moving around BP prizes.
PhilANThropiSt Posted RPing in Non-RP forums
Something Witty Not enuf b00b pics
Velveteen ****ed off a mod
SIG-ENABLING MOCK-CONGLER For sucking, also illegal multis
Hobart Bliggity For trolling
Ronnie Blaze For illegal multiple accounts
Fran Broken Evil Trout's heart
Nicco Blank line spam
Angry hobo Racist thread title, another 3 times just for the lulz, and for exploiting a game bug and making it public.
Laguna Racist thread titles, shock images, phoney racist bug reports and trolling outside of the RP forums
Raepdog Jokingly calling Fran a ****, was banned for the whole Ep 2 Release Day, during this time founded RaepdogWarz.
Crinkzpipe Using a script to spam posts in order to try and win a contest.
The nerd o powa spamming in non-RP forums
fsdgsdfjijnkn y8 gui Embedded shock image in Klan goatse.
1337xxxxxxxxxlolololololololololxxxxxxxxx1337 a million bans; a million farts
NotJoePesci Embedded goatse.
was Too much hotness to be contained within the Forumwarz environment while delivering performance art. Note: This does not necessarily reflect the view of the entire moderation crew.

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