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FAIL (destroyer of contests) was a major influence on Forumwarz from its early days until his untimely demise in late 2008. He longed for a "DESTROYER OF CONTESTS" E-Peen after:

  • winning AAHZ's contest with "OLDfabulous person"
  • winning BINGEBOT 2015's rename contest
  • winning Pickled male reproductive organbum's scavenger hunt
  • winning Evil Trout's Junk Derby

He received an exclusive E-Peen for being the first to pwn Second Wife as a Re-RE, but the lack of the DESTROYER E-Peen may have led to his downward mental spiral.

On September 24th, he began what he termed "FAIL'S FINAL CONTEST" in which he gave away his remaining brownie points, unfortunately no one picked up on exactly what he meant by Final. On September 28th he suddenly left Snobby McSnobbersons (which he had helped create), claiming boredom, and went on to create his own Klan, essentially withdrawing from society. On October 15th, after leaving a good-bye message to his loved ones, FAIL committed Seppuku, (with MC Banhammer acting as Kaishakunin), shocking the Forumwarz community.

However, on October 29th, FAIL got bored and decided to stop being dead. He's like Jesus, except he's real.

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