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Raepdog is a poster on ForumWarz, Mild Peenwhore, Photoshop Wizard, Thread Destroyer, and all around average guy. Little is known about Raepdog other than his age, and his ronery heart.

List of Raepdog Alts

Name Clbum Role Owner Avatar
Raepdog Camwhore Main Character Raepdog Log in to see images!
7VibratingRaepdogs Troll Doldoe Alt Raepdog Log in to see images!
Raepdog-In-Peace Emo Kid Emo Bisexual Raepdog Log in to see images!
8-bit Raepdog Hacker Failed Klan Leader Raepdog Log in to see images!
Raepdog1988 Permanoob Womanizing Frat Boy Raepdog Log in to see images!
raepp d0g11 Re-Re Retard Raepdog Log in to see images!
KosherRaepdog Re-Re Jewish/Fiddler Raepdog Log in to see images!
Raeppuppy Re-Re Adorable Nephew of Raepdog Secret Inactive Owner Log in to see images!
MrRaepdog Emo Kid Raepdogs drunk father. Just got out of jail. The Pimp Formerly Known as Crinkz Log in to see images!
Rapedog Permanoob Raepdog's Better Spelling Twin Adapt Log in to see images!
Raepdog-419 Troll Nigerian Prince Raepdog Raepdog Log in to see images!
Advice Raepdog Re-Re Advice Dog Raepdog Raepdog Log in to see images!
American Raepdog Re-Re Fat Lazy Raepdog Master_Troll
Master Raepdog Re-Re Master_Troll Raepdog Raepdog Log in to see images!
The Unknown Raepdog Re-Re The Unknown Comic's Dog/Rival Raepdog Log in to see images!

handofg0d 36:43

Raepdog is p cool. I first met him in an alleyway in the South of Italy in 1979. It was a foggy night and I was walking alone. I had just left a nearby restaurant and decided to take a stroll throughout the village. I heard someone in the alleyway with me but I couldn't make them out due to the heavy fog. We bumped into each other and then the alleys stone walls turned into skulls and we both drew our swords. The wall of skulls spread apart giving us ample room to fight. The eyes of the skulls ran bloody out like a ruby torrent spilling at our feet. He struck first but I was able to block. The fog had cleared and my mind was focused. Suddenly a bear trap caught my leg. Raepdog struck again but still I blocked. Then the walls of skulls crumbled under a loud thunder. We looked up and we both saw a huge space craft lowering toward us. The bay doors opened and we saw a goatse on full display. Raepdog freed my leg and we both ran for our lives. The goatse hole rained down tentacle enjoy monsters who hunted us like game. I used my magic wizard male reproductive organ to great times a spell of hypnosis over them. My gigantic wizard male reproductive organ erupted with a mbumive howl. We were safe and goatse retreated. Raepdog shook my hand and I never saw him again.

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