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Emo Haiku Contest

On June 11th, 2008, Jalapeno Bootyhole launched a contest, allowing users to create haikus based on the Emo Kid characters. The contest ended on June 22th, 2008.

The Prizes

The Top 10 haikus received the Kireji-Sama E-Peen. Additionally, there was a Grand Prize winner and 2 Runner-Ups.


  • Grand Prize - Vuron
    • Awarded 7 Brownie Points.
      • New Christmas sweater
      • My mom knitted it for me
      • Trapped in woolen hell
    • Kerridwen_Kali
      • playground swing, chain creaks
      • dead leaves dance beneath my feet
      • i scare the toddlers
      • Cheer up everyone
      • Your life could be a lot worse
      • I have downs syndrome


Jalapeno Bootyhole said the results were pretty democratic, and it was based on what made the Crotch Zombie Team chuckle the most. He also announced that the 25 best haikus would be part of a new attack, from Episode 2. This attack is the Emo Haiku attack from Emo Kids.

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