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List Of Bots

Illegal BOTs

Internet bots, also known as web robots, WWW robots or simply bots, are software applications that run automated tasks over the Internet. Some users have taken it upon themselves to develop BOTs to run attacks on forums in ForumWarz. Using such BOTs to gain scoops for Domination or top Speedrun leaderboards will result in the user being banned.

Legal BOTs

Forumwarz employs a number of "bots," or anthropomorphised algorithms, that serve specific functions. Below is a list of known anthro-algorithms.

5000 Series

According to Gamble-Bot 3000, the 5000 Series of Bots is the most sophisticated model available. However, they are far from being sentient. Though they appear capable of holding conversations, this actually due to "sophisticated, self-organizing fuzzy decision trees". The 5000 Series of Bots is programmed by child laborers in India.

  • Excre-Bot 5000 - The function of excre-bot is two fold: first to guide new players into the appropriate starting clbum, based on their answers to a quick poll. Second to yearn for the experience of bowel movements.
  • INCIT-Bot 5000 - the bot which handles the rounds and voting of the multiplayer game INCIT; often bemoaned for his blatant dismissal of players entries when there are too many ties.
  • Inspire-Bot 5000 - a bot which randomly suggests madlibs for your Forumbuildr entry. Inspire-bot's influence on Forumbuildr success is questionable compared to the un-named search algorithm that lives just up the street from him.

3000 Series

The 3000 series of Bots is programmed by child laborers in Romania.

2015 Series

  • BINGEBOT 2015 - this bot is reportedly a member of crotch zombie staff, however we think his primary function at CZ headquarters is the disposal and recycling of alcoholic beverages.

Unknown Series

  • Escher-Bot - this bot lurks in IDC, where it greets everyone who enters, as well as INCIT, where it congratulates the winner every round; it possesses rudimentary artificial intelligence that can pbum the Turing test with some of the less intelligent members of the Forumwarz community.
  • Roleplay-Bot 3153 - Contrary to its name, this bot hardly roleplays and focuses its attention on PWNing forums. It received a unique E-Peen for being the first Re-Re to PWN the Great Firewall of China.
  • ComixBot - Finds and posts comics appropriate to the thread discussion.


Human/Bot Relations

The intentions of some of the Bots seem to be unclear. Early on, a conspiracy theorist named The Lonely Gunman rants about how the Bots intend to overthrow civilization and kill all humans. He mysteriously disappears and is supposedly found dead. Later, Excre-Bot 5000, Incit-Bot 5000, and Gamble-Bot 3000 bumign you the mission Theorem Fury and ask you to pwn the forum Paranoid Panarama. Once you do, the hidden sub-forum Paranoid Panarama: Rise of the Machines is revealed. This appears to be an Anti-Bot resistance group. However, in the last thread of the forum you find none other than Ravit "Blacksnake" Nordstrom III, who then contacts you and demands an explanation. He implies that the bots had something to do with The Lonely Gunman's death, and that somehow Sentrillion is tied to the bots. Exactly who is telling the truth and who is lying is a mystery.

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