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Ravit Blacksnake Nordstrom III

Log in to see images! It is later discovered through hacking the SUPER SECRET PENTAGON FORUM!!! that the Domestic Intelligence and Counterterrorism Corps is aware of Nordstrom and has tracked down his identity. In truth, his name is Randall Norbert Buckston, and he is an American from the Boston area. When confronted with this information, he reveals that he has been a trollhacker since he was 8 years old and was trained by his father, who was a phone phreaker in the 1980s. Nordstrom is dedicated to the principle that information should be free, and considers the company Sentrillion to be his #1 enemy.

You also discover that Nordstrom is a member of the Paranoid Panorama forums, which warn of a robot uprising sometime in the near future.

Ravit also goes by the names Blacksnake, Buckskin Bill, Anonymous, Nordik3, and male reproductive organmongoloid23. Also, his Tubmail address is

Halloween Challenge

In Halloween 2009, Nordstrom had went missing and when you hack into his computer all you can find is one file with just binary.

The Binary that was found is "01010011011001010110000101110010011000110110100000100000010100110110010 10110111001110100011100100110100101101100011011000110100101101111011011 10001000000110011001101111011100100010000000100111010001000110010101110 10101110011001000000100010101111000001000000100110101100001011000110110 100001101001011011100110000100100111", which translates to "Search Sentrillion for Deus ex Machina."


After you get your bum handed to you by Geronimo! at the end of Episode 2, you find out from the FBO that Nordstrom coordinated an effort to save you. He then becomes the subject of the mission Finding Nordstrom in which you attempt to reestablish contact with him.

Eventually, you are led to the FLAMING BLACK OPS HQ where Nordstrom is preparing for his final departure from the internet. He engages you in battle for old times sake but quickly runs out of energy, after which you finally part ways with him.

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