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MC Banhammer

Avatar: 1887 2011-07-31 00:40:59 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Troll

Trying to create drama to drum up the ratings by any means necessary!

PLEASE NOTE: This post is in a non-RP forum. Replies need to respect that; if you can’t reply without trolling then create a reply thread in the RP forums.

– - –

The reason the prohibition against posting personal information was created was to allow anonymity to those who didn’t know enough about protecting their identify. For those who don’t care, such as Robin “Evil Trout” Ward, there is no prohibition against posting such information, as the individual did not attempt to hide his personal information.

Similarly, if I tell everyone on the site that my name is Jack Robinson, and I live at 834 E. Florida Lane in San Diego California, there would no longer be a prohibition on posting this information about me. I have volunteered it, which is an implicit surrender of my privacy protection.

For that reason, if people start posting “Hey Jack, how’s the weather in San Diego?”, I have no recourse to this site’s moderators, as I have willingly provided the information — whether it’s true or not. I have voluntarily relinquished my right to privacy by posting my own information, and I have no legs to stand on in any case if that information is false to begin with.


1) He has stated that ”None of the personally identifiable information [to be found about him] on the Internet is actually true.”

2) He has made no efforts to conceal his personal website, even at one point changing what it pointed to in an effort to force others to be banned from the Forumwarz site.

3) On his own site, he has stated that the information posted by fingerz was inaccurate (see entry 190, quoted here in case he deletes it: “Especially posting personal information of someone that’s not even me.” )


Since FalconFour has permitted knowledge of his personal website (even creating a page specifically for Forumwarz users), AND

FalconFour has indicated that no personal information available by his website is true, AND

FalconFour has reported Forumwarz users for violating a posting of his personal information, none of which is truly his personal information, AND

FalconFour has a history of attempting to use fraudelent means to get other Forumwarz users banned,


FalconFour has been blatantly lying to the moderators of this site in an effort to get other users banned.

This moderator has no tolerance for lies when he is only trying to help people (reference: Velveteen). If Evil Trout wishes to review the evidence and overturn my decision, that’s of course his perogative. But until such time, FalconFour will be permabanned from this site.

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