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CrySpace: A Place for Emos

The official Emo Kid role-playing forum. Let your inner darkness shine.

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
FAQ STICKY: Amazing poetry inside / READ ME FIRST or you'll have died Latest Post MC Banhammer 1 1573
FAQ is it normal to spend every waking minute considering suicide ( 1 2 ) Latest Post The Caretaker 29 1385 Splodey
Gay ITT Reasons Why My bum Hurts ( 1 2 ) Latest Post xxEmoxKidxx 22 878 Bailey Jay
Help Hello fellow emo kids how are you today? Latest Post I suck at games 8 582 CrinkzPipe
Gay THE ULTIMATE THREAD OF AWESOME SUICIDE TECHNIQUES ( 1 2 ) Latest Post PhilANThropiSt 25 1500 LoneWolfGirl
Poetry My keyboard is all bloody, how do I clean it up?! Latest Post EmoGirlsDiary 15 792 LoneWolfGirl
Trolls i don't cry i throw knives Latest Post Hate Token 15 1376 Bacchus
Hell The Hatening Latest Post Hate Token 8 1152 Bacchus
Noobs omgimadvancedroleplayinginthisthread Latest Post Hate Token 11 1090 I drink piss
Pumpkin I WILL KILL MYSELF IF YOU DON'T CLICK THIS THREAD! Latest Post MoonshadowDark 16 1470 TamagotchiFucker...
Rant I'm more than just the girl with the drippy mascara... Latest Post Raven Ebonlocke 15 1180 johnalds illegal...
Poetry Why do I even bother? Latest Post Toluene 6 937 Johnald The Robo...
Smile Hello Latest Post AuntieJinx 2 769 Bacchus
Evil Trout Why do you cry? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Aurocard 31 2135 Bacchus
Fly Fishing so i opened my spam folder on a whim this morning Latest Post Peregrine 5 912 Bacchus
Religion THE MOST BEAUTIFUL/MOROSE EMO POETRY EVER! Latest Post BootyClappinAndr... 7 1025 BootyClappinAndr...
Gay Be Honest! Latest Post Eveline 19 1030 Bacchus
Poetry CrySpace: A Place for Emos Latest Post sdgrbbum09 13 1042 Bacchus
Help 10 Random Thoughts... Support Me? :'c Latest Post Eveline 18 931 Bacchus
Writing New to this or something.. Latest Post Eveline 12 987 Bacchus
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