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Vanilla Raid

Vanilla raiding is the process a klan uses to repeatedly dominate twelve forums in order to gain vanilla scoops. This is achieved by pwning 12 forums and either having a different klan member retake one of the controlled forums, or waiting for a non-klan member to pwn one of the twelve controlled forums and then retaking an uncontrolled forum bringing the klan total back to twelve.

A raid begins when a klan member with officer status clicks the "Start A Raid" bumon on the klan raid page. This starts the two hour raid clock. Klan members may then visit the klan raid page and choose to join the raid. Only klan members who have joined the raid will receive vanilla scoops.

There are three types of vanilla raiding based on the number of participants and organization in any given raid.

Large scale raid

A large scale raid is any raid that sacrifices all other scoop flavas in order to achieve maximum scoops.

  • A large scale raid requires several participants, generally 14 or more, with a full set of 12 visits each to offer to the raid.
  • In a large scale raid lemon, pistachio and solo vanilla scoops are sacrificed to guarantee that almost every visit produces a klan vanilla scoop.
  • Raid participants are each bumigned to a unique forum. Participants "prep" forums by attacking the forum and then stopping at the final thread.
  • When the kill command is given for a specific forum, the final thread is taken and the player immediately repreps the forum and awaits the next kill order.

Warning: Overpwning will not produce scoops. Twelve forums is the magic number. Taking thirteen or more will not result in any additional scoops. When this happens, usually through an accidental pwn or due to a non-raiding klan member running visits, simply wait for enough forums to be taken by non-klan members to bring the total down to eleven before retaking a forum.

Large scale raiding requires some form of private chat room for clear communication and a dedicated raid overseer whose sole purpose is organization. The raid overseer sets up the raid, bumigns forums, monitors the status of forums making sure the klan holds twelve, and issues the order to pwn when a controlled forum is taken by a non-klan player. This process continues until raid participants are out of visits.

Large scale raiding is currently out of use due to the effectiveness of small scale raiding.

Small scale raid

Small scale raiding is a great option for smaller klans or small groups of players within a larger klan. The strategy is similar to large scale raiding, but the raid is organized and executed by the involved players with no dedicated raid overseer. A group as small as six can execute a successful small scale raid.

  • Forums are chosen and raid participants are responsible for watching the forum(s) they are controlling for the klan.
  • As the raid starts several unpopular (generally forums that don't give lemon scoops) or particularly difficult forums are selected to act as anchors. Anchors do not turn over very quickly, and allow players to watch multiple forums at once.
  • Forums are generally not prepped, but are pwned as quickly as possible when they fall.
  • Individual players need to be more attentive and aware of the number of forums controlled by the klan as well as the remaining number of visits other participants have.
  • When one of the raid participants runs out of visits, the forum(s) they were responsible for are handed off to another klan member to control.

The small scale raid method allows for lemon, and sometimes pistachio, scoops along with whatever vanilla the raid manages to produce. This is a safe method for even very small groups. Small scale raids will produce as much vanilla as a large scale raid, but they are not as stable due to the possibility of multiple forums falling at once. However, the fact that participants are also speed running for lemon guarantees that, regardless of the success of the raid, players are not losing out on scoops.

Impromptu raid

Impromptu raids are exactly what they imply - unplanned, spur of the moment. Impromptu raids do not expect any results, but may achieve some scoops anyway.

Impromptu raids begin when a player with officer status starts a raid and then runs whatever forums they plan to run. This works well for players with alts and players running twelve visits while going for the Consecutive Pwnage E-Peens.

Once the raid is started any random klan pwnages will add to the controlled forums total, and may result in bonus vanilla scoops over the course of the two hour raid.

As few as two or three players (or characters) can earn a few klan vanilla through an impromptu raid.

Things needed for successful large or small scale raids

  • Officer to start the raid.
  • Communication method (irc or other chat/messaging program, klan forums.)
  • Players with visits and the right equipment/enough consumables to guarantee forum pwns.
  • Players who can follow the plan or directions of the raid overseer.
  • Sense of humor for those times when it all goes to hell. (This one is optional, but recommended.)


The large scale vanilla raid process was first established by members of Sisterhood of the Quivering Rose. They were awarded an exclusive klan e-peen for their efforts. Vanilla raiding originally produced three scoops for every klan member each time a klan dominated twelve forums, resulting in a mbumive amount of scoops. When first discovered, vanilla raiding brought on a month of raid wars between Sisterhood of the Quivering Rose and The Flamers of Loathing earning several thousand scoops and resulting in a nerf on klan vanilla to the current one scoop per domination reward.

The large scale vanilla raid process was later refined by members of The Knights of LOL, Board of Directors (formerly Episode 2 Beta (formerly Good Omens)) and Brainfreeze.

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