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Vanilla Scoops

Scoops of the Vanilla Flava are awarded for dominating forums.

They are one of the trickier flavas to obtain as they require luck as well as acting quickly. However, their difficulty to obtain makes them especially useful if you're going for the minimum scoop prize in a round of Domination.


  • Dominate 4 or more forums at once. (1 scoop per forum dominated)
  • Your Klan Dominates 12 forums at once. (1 scoop to each Klan raid participant)

When you dominate more than 4 forums you are awarded a number of vanilla scoops equal to the number of forums dominated. An effecient way of gaining a large amount of vanilla scoops is to wait until you have 12 forum visits and then pwn 12 unique forums in a row as fast as possible and preferably at a time when less people are likely to be online as it decreases the risk of the forums being dominated by someone else before you can get the largest possible amount of scoops. If you succesfully dominate 12 forums you will have earned a total of 72 vanilla scoops (4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12).

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