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  • Removes all cheat options from any cheater account, making it eligible to participate in competitive aspects of Forumwarz again.
  • Exactly what are the consequences of Un-cheating?

    Crotch Zombie has worked hard to ensure that the un-cheat option provides a fair experience for all players. Therefore, the following things are removed from any cheated character:

    • All Flezz, whether earned or purchased with BP.
    • All Equippable items, including all .moar files and .moar file pieces.
    • All Forum Visits, even if the visits are below 12.
    • The GameDolphin ability, if it was purchased.
    • Any pending deliveries (from pwning boards before Un-Cheating) will not be delivered.

    A character's cred and level are the only things they keep. After un-cheating, a character may:

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