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Illegal Game Enhancements

Log in to see images!There are three Illegal Game Enhancements a player can buy.
  • Can only be bought with Brownie Points at the "Support Us!" store.
  • Ramifications

    Purchasing illegal enhancements will disqualify you from the competitive aspects of Forumwarz, effectively barring you from:

    You should consider this when purchasing cheats, in addition to considering the consequences of Un-cheating.

    Other Useful Info

    • Buying Illegal Enhancements for one character will not affect any other characters in your account.
    • An illegally enhanced character can be identified by the Log in to see images! before his nickname on Flamebate.
    Details Cost
    Log in to see images!
    • Buy 69 forum visits! That's enough to play
      Forumwarz until your eyeballs bleed.
    • This is a good purchase if you want to play
      through the game in one long session,
      without having to return over multiple days.
    • If you buy this package, you won't receive new
      visits on rollover until you drop to less than 12
      remaining visits.
    40 Log in to see images!
    Log in to see images! whatever you want without rightfully earning it!
    • 15 Log in to see images!
    Log in to see images! any thread instantly. 35 Log in to see images!

    As of January 15, 2009, There is an Un-Cheat option, which will allow you to "wipe your slate clean" and reset your character. It loses the cheater status while keeping only acgreat timesulated cred, level, and upgrade points. All equipment, moar files (including incomplete ones) and flezz is removed. This costs 10 BP and will allow you to participate in Domination and leaderboards again.

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