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Tips To Go On With The Story

Are you stuck somewhere in Episode 1/Episode 2? Here are some small tips on how to proceed on the Forumwarz plot.

Originally posted by MC Banhammer here.

  • Check your Missions Tab!
    There's a small chance you missed something while pwning forums. The action tab is too small and sometimes is overcrowded with other stuff (such as scoops won for Forumwarz Domination). Just click on the Missions tab on your profile page.
  • Check your sTalk contacts!
    Always check if there's new contacts wanting to add you, or if there's older ones wanting to chat. Normally when you're done with your contacts, they go offline (there's a few exceptions). Use that as a guide.
  • Check your TubMail!
    Sometimes, contacts send you gifts via TMs (not only during rollovers), or even bookmark pages that might help you advance with the story.
  • Deploy XSS/FBO Codes!
    Those codes are strong stuff! People notice when you deploy them, and they might wanna use your services if you pwn forums using them. This is good if you're low on money, also.

None of these tips worked. What should I do?

Well, chances are you are stuck with a bug. You can report them using the above menu, or if extremely necessary, send a Tubmail to an admin asking for help.

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