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Items are objects you obtain during your (mis)adventures in the world of Forumwarz. You can see a list of your available items by clicking on the Items tab at your character page. Items are grouped into four main categories: Equipment, Consumables, Quest Items and Junk.

You can possess up to 300 unique items at a time.


Equipment are items that you wear that provide a boost - or in some cases, penalties - to your attributes. They are generally purchased from the stores. Each character clbum can equip up to four items at a time: one computer, one special item, and two other items that differ depending on the clbum.

Equipment also have a condition percentage. Whenever you battle in a forum, the condition of all your equipment drops steadily. You can restore their condition by going to Bruce Bear's Fix-All. If one of your equipments that you're currently wearing breaks, you'll receive a Ego penalty (20%/40%/60%/80%/90%) each time you enter a forum, until you fix the equipment.


Consumables are used during battle. [strike]They must be placed on the Toolbar before they can be used.[/strike]Can be used from your inventory. You can use them by clicking the inventory bumon. The icon on the Toolbar has a small number indicating how many of that item you have left. You can only use one consumable at a time. Consumables do not have refresh times. Consumables can be purchased from Drugs "R" Fun, except for Troll consumables which can be bought from Under the Bridge.

Quest Items

Quest Items are items required for certain Missions. You cannot sell them. Otherwise, they function pretty much the same as junk.


Junk is useless. Fortunately, The Ppwn Shoppe! can probably find a use for it, and will pay a meager price for the junk you bring them.

A list of all Junk can be seen here: List of Gifts.

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